05 June 2012

Free Sticker Lady

Funny stickers have been appearing at several places in Singapore in the past few months and now the law has somewhat caught up with the person responsible.

It was a good harmless prank with a dig at the government who obviously did not share the same humour.

Now everyone is worried that the police will throw the book hard at Sticker Lady, who would be liable to a maximum fine of SGD 2000 or a prison sentence of up to 3 years AND caning.

This brings up memories of Michael Fay who was caned for spray painting cars back in 1994.

However, it must be noted that there is a difference between the two incidents. This one caused no harm as the stickers can be easily removed. Perhaps the spray painting on the road was a tad over the line but still, the road markings can be undone with relatively ease.

I hope the judge presiding over this case is a wise one and can see the humour in it and perhaps sentence a slap on the wrist and move on.

If I were the judge, I would sentence Sticker Lady to a Corrective Work Order where she will have to remove all the stickers and the road markings. At most a symbolic fine BUT DEFINITELY no jail nor caning.

I really appreciate this particular street art and perhaps the National Arts Council and perhaps even the National Heritage Board and or National Library Board can archive this?

This is certainly a great idea but perhaps it took place at the wrong time. I think this would be a fabulous street installation during the Singapore Arts Festival.

I would like to go on record that I support the  Sticker Lady and appeal to the Government to lighten up and let this slide.

#Free Sticker Lady!

Click here to see more of Sticker Lady's work.

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- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with your reasoning, bro. But you gotta understand the authorities' position. I'm reminded of the "White Elephant" issue at Buangkok MRT prior to its eventual opening. Anyway, I also wish that the judge presiding will have the wisdom to differentiate between true "vandalism" and a citizen's sense of humour. Wait, she IS a citizen right?:P


Anonymous said...

This is interesting! Think not to worry so much as the offender is a woman which the island's law protect the most..dig out the recent punishment to woman offender would give an answer to you...won't be as serious as Michael Fay.RELAX!

Beerkaki said...

There will definitely be no caning because she is a female.

JayWalk said...

Arrenn: There is no doubt that she committed an offense. I am not asking the court to acquit her. She is guilty. My main issue is the sentence that is to be meted out.

I certainly feel that jail sentence is overkill.

Chartao & Beerkaki: Yes, women are fortunately not subjected to caning.

Again. Any sentence beyond a symbolic fine is wrong.

Go for CWO or probation or something.

No prison sentence nor hefty fine. No!

Anonymous said...

If this is allowed, everyone can start pasting shit everywhere. Advertisers need not pay money to advertise. Soon, there will be a "grandmother road". She was warned the first time the papers published her work. She went against them by further mocking them "anyhow paste police catch" and "anyhow paste kena fine". She wasn't afraid at all. Isn't this a rebellious act against the government? She already knew the consequences and yet she went over abroad. It's witty because it's not pasted on your door or sprayed on your corridor. But it is now on government's property. Think people, just think abt it!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the police catch those moneylenders who stick advertisements in void decks and lift landings first? Don't u think this has worst social implications than sticker lady? Why can't the police spend their resources catching loan sharks and other worst criminals? Think police, just think abt it?

In regards to the above mean any rebellious act against govt should be condemned?! We must isten to the govt, they know what it right for us, we cannot go against them, we have no right to mock them, we cannot touch govt property, we must be afraid of them.....where do u come from ah? (FYI, shitty advertisements are everywhere now, on buses, on taxis, on buildings...I'm sick of them)

JayWalk said...

Anonymous 1: I think where you are coming from and I agree with you on that. Yes, it is vandalism at every level and I did not say that the case should be thrown out or she be acquitted.

She is definitely guilty as charged. I am more concerned about the sentence that would be meted out.

First of all, I don't think it is right to compare her with advertisers who paste "shit" everywhere. The latter has a commercial interest.

Looking at the stickers, I believe them to be plastic-based. You can easily rip it off to remove. Not much harm done. No?

I can't say the same with spray painting the road which is definitely not water-based paint. She definitely will have to be liable for that.

As for the court, I feel that the focus of the offense should be that of the road painting more than the stickers.

JayWalk said...

Anonymous 2: I am assuming moneylenders here are the legal ones and not those loan sharks. Again like my reply to Anonymous 1, there is commercial interest in the advertisements in contrasts to the stickers.

Police are spending resources to catch loan sharks but the latter remained elusive in the cat-and-mouse game. It is not possible to eradicate loan sharks entirely.

As for listening to the govt, there should be a balance there somewhere as the govt is NOT ALWAYS RIGHT. We need to question the govt in a two-way dialogue between us and them in order to run this country better.

Lastly, we can touch govt property, just not damage them to the extent that it costs even more public money to rectify them.