11 June 2012

Hello Beijing

I arrived in Beijing today to begin my new posting.

I started packing my office and bags on Saturday only to realise that everything fits inside 2 bags and a backpack.

Yeah. It's seems like my entire existence consists of only 3 pieces of luggage.

Perhaps I was a nomad in my previous life destined to live a life without roots. A nicer way to put this would be that I am very mobile.

So for the time being, I will be living out of a suitcase (or two and a backpack) in a tiny hotel room. I will be going house hunting for the next two weeks and hopefully find one to my liking soon so that I can stop paying exorbitant laundry bills.

Then again, given how giam kana my HR is, I have my doubts if I can find a nice studio apartment within a budget that they won't kpkb. Not happy then I continue to stay in the hotel and see how that works out lor.

Short-sighted asshats.

p.s. As it turned out, there is ANOTHER Irish Pub in the vicinity. Hooray! Shall check that one out and decide which shall be my HQ after-hours. Need a place to watch Euro 2012.

p.p.s. Found a gym right outside my office. A 2-month membership is RMB 700 which is very pricey compared to what I used to be paying at Dongguan (RMB 900 for 30 entries which works out to be around 6 months). Lan lan suck thumb lor.

- Voxeros

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