08 September 2008

RFF MYP 2008 - Clarification

I refer to my earlier entry on the coming RunForFunds Maximise Your Potential 2008 Awards Ceremony.

I do apologise if some of you have gotten the wrong impression of what this coming event is.

In recent days, I have been fielding questions from several people and am heartened to see that the blog entry that I've written have indeed reached somebody out there.

I have had confirmations that they will come (thank you!) as well as others who sent in their regrets (still thank you for wanting to come but can't!). Then there are the general enquiries to find out more about what is going to happen on the day it is.

So for the record,
  1. There will not be a run on that day.
  2. It is not a kind of carnival event or road show or exhibition organised in collaboration with the school i.e. there will be no Uncle Ringo.
  3. It is just a simple get-together in a classroom where the kids, their parents, their teacher as well as their supporters come together to celebrate the fruits of the kids' hard work. I estimate the event to last one hour and a half tops.

    We hope that the kids and their parents and teachers will have a chance to get to know their well wishers as well as the well wishers know first-hand that their support are being utilise to maximum benefit.
Allow me to pause here for a minute to think about it. To organise an event requires logistics and logistics cost money. The very same money that we so painstakingly raised to give to the kids in the first place. So it is kind of ironic if the money ended up in Uncle Ringo's pocket.

So no. Big wayangs are just not our thing.

Having cleared that up, some declined the invitation which is fine coz what we are doing caters to an extremely niche segment i.e. we anticipate a very high rate of rejection as a result of a very low rate of fully understanding what we are doing and why.

But when you get retorts like "Cheh.... then go for what?"*, oh man...... that really hurt. It felt like an arrow shot from a thousand miles to spiral itself squarely into your chest meshing up the ventricular chambers.
The hurt didn't come from the rejection nor the belittling dismissal. The hurt came from the fact that you can't fault them for it simply because they really have no idea what we are doing and what we have committed.

It's a chicken-and-egg situation where they don't know, they won't come. If they don't come, they won't know.

I must admit that I did approach CowBoyCaleb to plug this using our friendship as leverage. In a way, it was selfish since it is a form of blackmailing as CowBoyCaleb will find it difficult to say no to me. Hence the later decision against the idea of getting high traffic bloggers to put out a word for us.

So, to the rest of my fellow blogging friends who have and/or are supporting RunForFunds, I am not saying not to plug nor cover this event nor both. Publicity is always helpful but do it only if you feel that it is a worthy entry to note.

Please don't do it for me. Do this because you want to. Do this because you want to tell other people about the kids that RunForFunds is supporting.

* Yeah, if you are reading this and you get a queasy feeling in the stomach, I am talking about you. Fret not, it is perfectly fine with me coz I perfectly understand that it is normal reaction for those who are not familiar with our work. Don't worry. I still love you guys.

- Voxeros

1. THB left...
Monday, 8 September 2008 10:32 am ::
Sorry.. :(

2. JayWalk left...
Monday, 8 September 2008 11:21 am :: 
THB: No worries lah. *hugs*

3. Linny. left...
Monday, 8 September 2008 9:25 pm
Hi Mr. Nais :)

4. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 9 September 2008 12:02 pm :: 
Linny: No biggie. Just doing what everyone would do if they wanted to.

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