22 September 2008

Tennis Anyone?

Tennis Gal executing the 秋风扫落叶 - 第十五式

That's Tennis Gal above and for those who have been following this blog for a while, you may find this name a tad familiar.

Anyway, that's my tennis kaki and let me just say that she is pretty good at it.

Whenever I am back, I will schedule a session of tennis and she is my "goto girl" as far as making arrangements for courts and rounding up other kakis.

I never like playing with girls for any sports coz most of them 软绵绵 one. Same goes for my JC table tennis team where I helped coached for a while many many years back.

Tennis Gal is perhaps the few exceptions that are of the female gender and that I actually enjoyed playing against tremendously and of course there is Karen who was Vice-Captain of her school team who whipped me gao gao (my left femur not yet recover from stress fracture lor!!).

There were 4 of us that lovely Sunday. 1 fit, 2 unfit and 1 just woke up. Yeah, she was so fit that she played earlier in the morning and still outlasted the 3 of us in the afternoon. *kowtow*

Even my tennis shoe also lose to her. -______________-

- Voxeros

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