30 September 2008


This photograph taken on June 2, 2008, shows the founder of the newly formed opposition "Reform Party," Joshua B. Jeyaretnam, center, leaving the supreme courts in Singapore. A Singapore television station said on Tuesday, former opposition leader Joshua B. Jeyaretnam has died of heart failure. He was 82. - AP

The name is Joshua Benjamin Jeyaratnam. Singapore's very first elected opposition member of parliament was 82 until early this morning.

His heart may have failed but his heart didn't die.

He may have been broke but his spirit was never broken.

He may have passed away but the memory of his fiery courage will live on.

He led his band of guerrillas opposition minorities but he has enough integrity not to deploy monkey tactics (read: glucose cheating hunger strike).

I didn't have any chance to vote for him but he gets my vote for his conviction to stand by his beliefs.
Have a good rest, Mr Joshua Benjamin Jeyaratnam. You've earned it.

NOTE: The wake is at Mount Vernon, Upper Aljunied Road, Funeral Parlour 1. Time: 7pm onwards. The funeral will be on Saturday.

Image Credit:
- Voxeros

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