03 September 2008

RunForFunds 2008 - "Maximize Your Potential" Award Ceremony

Yup, it's the time of the year where we spread our hearty cheers to the kids.

Some of you were asking me why the awards ceremony always so late in the year when the funds were raised during the last Standard Chartered Bank Marathon was 10 months ago, in December the year before?

Well, I haven't exactly gotten verification of this from the horse's mouth himself but I speculate the following reasons:
  1. Funds are sometimes pledged first and then given later. As such, there are contributors whom may have pledged a certain amount before the start of the marathon but sent us the money at a later date. Therefore, we need all the money to come in first before we are able to figure out exactly how much we have raised and from there plan how much we can give.

  2. The awards are meant for the kids' school expenses the following year and as such, September would be a good time to tell them that we got his/her back for the next year, just a month before they head into their year-end examinations. We hope that with the peace of mind, they would be able to do even better in the examinations.
  3. And besides, the teachers also need the front part of the year to assess the students and earmark the deserving ones to receive the awards.
  4. Either all that or AL is a bladdy procrastinator, which is why we take 10 months to disburse the funds. :P
So anyway, I would like to invite all who are interested to know what we do, to join us for the event.

Or maybe we can all go out for lunch after that?

RSVP me here or my MSN, email, or mobile phone.


(Reproduced from AL's email circular)
Hi folks,

The annual Maximize Your Potential (MYP) award ceremony is here again.

Date: 13th September (Saturday)
Time: 10 am
Venue: Geylang Methodist Primary School (3rd level conference room 4th level AVA Room).
Address: 4 Geylang East Central. Singapore 389706.

Come meet the GMPS kids, some of whom you've sponsored for the past 5 years.

Learn about their academic progress in school and how they've excelled in activities outside their schoolwork.

Also use the opportunity to interact with their parents.

I'm sure they'd appreciate a pat on their backs for bringing their kids up well, despite their financial challenges.

As there'll be friends visiting the MYP award for the first time, I will be giving a short briefing on Run For Funds (RFF), its goals (what we're doing @ D'joy Children's Centre and Sembawang Primary School) and the state of finance.

If you have friends who are keen to start something on their own to help the underprivileged in Singapore, invite them to this event.

If friends of RFF can do it, anyone can.

As GMPS will be catering light snacks for the event, I'd appreciate if you could RSVP by 6th Sept (Sat).

You can also sms me

Thanks all and have a blessed week at work.



- Voxeros

1. THB left...
Wednesday, 3 September 2008 10:07 am ::
I am not pregnant. ( -.- )

2. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 4 September 2008 9:23 am :: 
THB: while I know what you are referring to but this has got to be the MOST WRONG location to be posting this!

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