25 September 2008

You Are All Fired!

Daily Mail Online (18 Sep 2008) -Turkish Hotel Fires ALL Its Male Workers... For Having Affairs With British Women Guests
I think it is a bad mistake from a commercial stand point that perhaps part of the reason why female tourists are booking this hotel is perhaps of the "special service"?

It may be against company policy where staff are advised against fraternising with the guests but it is certainly not against the law as this is a private arrangement between two consenting adults in the privacy of the guest room.

Probably no money was transacted although the said staff may enjoy a slightly more generous tip at the end of the stay? Even if there was, there is no proof.
Anyway, now that the hotel has gotten rid of all male staff, you think the problem will be solved?

Well, yes and no. The problem of male staff sleeping with the female guests will be resolved but who is to say that the female staff will not end up romping with the male guests?

It was a relatively unknown secret that I had plans to run away many many years back and I had the perfect window of opportunity to do so.


No one would notice anything amiss where students go on vacations when they graduate. The usual places would be Australia, US and Europe. Given that this would be the final holiday before entering the work force, these trips tend to stretch a little longer (not to mention dwelved them further into debt on top of the student loans). So, it won't be a while until people start realising that I've vanished, if at all.

I shunned those lame-ass tour groups as I plotted my one-man journey to the islands. Samoa, Fiji, Marshall Islands, Maldives, Mauritius just to name a few. I was ready to severe all ties with my friends and yes, even my family.

My plan was to go there and seek out job opportunities, settle down and never come back. I just thought that I am not suited for the ladder-climbing of the rat-race. I wanted a slacker kick-back lifestyle where I work for a day's wage and then help out with the community during my free time like teaching the local kids.

If only I thought of Marmaris back then, I would have been unemployed last week. Hah hah.

Also, it's probably a good thing that I didn't follow up and plonked myself down in Maldives or I would have been dead at the bottom of the ocean after the 2004 tsunami.

Fate has a strange way of unfolding its path for you. No?

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