01 September 2008

Movie Review Via Plurk

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the world's first ever movie commentary via Plurk!

Movie is available via download at (ed2k). No direct link from here. Just go there and search under the name of the title.

JayWalk: watching Malaysian film "当我们同在一起". Interesting. See them eat A&W, I also hungry.
naeboo: a&w in kl only like, 3-4 branches nia
JayWalk: Problem is.... I just makan dinner only!!!!
naeboo: u fat pig
ToyBoy r3g:: at night got sexercise right? Must eat moreeeeeeeee...
JayWalk: 25 min into the movie and i still dunno what's going on.
bikey: Jin hungry also.
junkie: it's that a children's song?
JayWalk: also a chinese movie (malaysian production). 50 min liao, still catch no ball.
JayWalk: OK.. we come to blue-balls moment. The girl e-brake in the middle of making out, asking who his ex-gf was. Walau... mood killer siah..

naeboo: hahahhahaha
JayWalk: then bf ask gf back who she went out with on wed night? Oh man... makes me wanna kill them both!!
JayWalk: Oh wait... i think we are getting somewhere. mutually apologising liao... MAKE UP SEX!!!!
JayWalk: Alamak, stupid girl ask about the ex-gf again!!! *stab stab stab stab!!!*

naeboo: wtf useless show are u watching??? kill the producers then kill urself pls
JayWalk: Eeyer... now bf drove off liao..... back to PG rated movie. damn....
JayWalk: OK! Bf come back liao.....

naeboo: ....
JayWalk: WALAU!!! Both went straight to sleep??!! HOW CAN!??!
JayWalk: The gf got out of bed to turn off the leaky tap. Wait. Why is she wearing the same t-shirt and jeans from work??!
JayWalk: Which means, the bf wore the office shirt and pants to bed?!! WTF??!!

naeboo: coz she has fish market in btw her legs
JayWalk: is laundry detergent very expensive in Malaysia??
JayWalk: Interesting tidbit. The car in the movie don't have a stereo set.

naeboo: hahahha must be borrowed from some showroom
JayWalk: OK. Movie finish liao and I still catch no ball. BF left in the morning go see another girl. Watch her swim then show ended. WTF??!!
naeboo: waste time nia

Image Credit:
- Voxeros

1. JY left...
Monday, 1 September 2008 1:58 am ::
Oh no. Sounds like some arty farty shite.

2. THB left...
Monday, 1 September 2008 9:53 am ::
... ( -.- )

3. JayWalk left...
Monday, 1 September 2008 11:01 am :: 
JY: Not arty. More like Farty Shite.

THB: WAD???!!!

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