20 July 2005

School Boy Series (Part 3) - Einstein The TohTuck Boy

Einstein, MeePok and I were classmates in Sec 2, then JC 1 and JC2 as well. If MeePok was the Uzi-slinger, then Einstein had his own Bradley Tank. Einstein was scholar calibre and was ranked in the top 20 of the school.

Before you guys start having the word "Nerd" flash across your mind, let me tell you that he is not. A bit shy, yes. A nerdy geek, absolutely not. Besides, what's wrong with being a nerd? Look at Bill Gates. 'Nuff said.

Anyway, besides being "si beh goot" in his studies, he was also pretty active in school. A big wig in the NCC Land corp, a prefect when in secondary school and a ex-co member of the student council in JC.

But there is just this one thing that always counted against him. His luck with the ladies. From Ling to Sissy to Jo. Crush, Crash, Burn. Don't know why leh? Always like that one. While he was always secretive about his pursuits, it was easy to track his "love life" as for some strange reason, his grades were inversely proportionate to his "skirt chasing".

"Eh, you buang your Chemistry test siah. Got new girlfriend, right?"

"Eh, you topped the class in last week's GP assignment. Kena dumped ah?"

For a friendship that is more than 20 years old, I have a funny story about Einstein to tell.

We were in NS and we both got a call from another ex-classmate. We were invited to watch the International Ballroom Dancing Competition with him(!). What??! Ballroom dancing??!!! WTF??!

As it turned out, this ex-classmate, Seng, was going after this girl and wanted to impressed her with his Sensitive New Age Guy routine. However, as it turned out, the prospective girlfriend invited another 3 of her "sisters" along. Hence, our pagers beeped like crazy that day as Seng was desperate trying to top up the number of guys to balance up the gender ratio.

So there we were, 1 beaming guy, 4 giggly girls and 3 very bored blokes. From the Singapore Indoor Stadium, we proceeded to Marina South for steamboat dinner.

All seemed pretty normal, with the usual chit chat over dinner. Then at some point in the middle of dinner, the multi-tasking me was busy eating my food, right hand holding my drink and my left hand cracking the egg into the soupy broth.

Einstein: Wow! That's amazing!

Me: What amazing? *blur*

Einstein: You can crack egg with one hand siah.

Me: Yah. So?

Einstein: Let me try! Let me try!

So Einstein picked up an egg and with one hand, swung the egg towards the lip of the steamboat. His arm alignment must have been off as he slammed the entire egg into the side of the steamboat. Egg, shell and all.

Suddenly, the dinner became very quiet as we all stared at the sizzling egg frying itself to a blackened crisp at the side of the steamboat. Si beh malu.....

Well, Einstein is still single and I felt that fate had dealt him the short straw. He is a very nice guy and I am sure he totally deserves a nice girl in return. Any girl would have been lucky to have him. Cupid is bladdy slacking in his job with Einstein. If I ever see Cupid, I am so going to kick his ass.

I mean the saying "Nice Guys Finish Last" is merely a cliché, right?

Then again, the biggest prize at the lucky draw is always the last one right? Let's hope Einstein gets the equivalent of that 100" big-ass (not literally) plasma TV prize.

Besides, where got such thing as striking 10 million TOTO on the first try one?

Any takers?

* Go here for a MeePok's version of Einstein.
- Voxeros

1. Pam left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 12:57 am
i think he lacks self confidence - he might be v confident at work and whatever else he does, but 'women' are his Achilles heel and he realises that, which then makes it worse in some sense.

2. Vandice left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 1:49 am
Eh, EQ problem or really no luck with ladies or don't want to, period? I have a friend who is smart, holding a good job, but lagi EQ low lor. Even I as a guy get turn off by his crudeness sometimes. And I've known him a dozen years. I blame his behavior on the army. Your friend doesn't sound like mine but mebbe he's just a klutz like me lor...

3. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 7:24 am :: 
Pam: I was just telling somebody that the most important thing in this case is faith. If the person himself has given up, the all hope is gone.

We have heard of people getting hitched at 40 years old. Well, that's because he hasn't given up hope all these years.

I worry a bit about Einstein coz I think he quite low morale at the moment.

Vandice: EQ is quite the new age concept. I would understand your friend failing in the "social department" but Einstein is just one fine gentleman which as a result lagi baffles me.

Perhaps we are the one who are too "crude"?

4. Vandice left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 7:29 am
Yupz, is true, is true... we are rather crude lah...

5. Meepok left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 9:01 am
All - I met Einstein recently for makan. He looked pretty dejected about this whole woman thingy. Einstein has too much respect for women, to the extent of being scared of them.

Women want to be treated nice (and as equals) but are not looking for subservient blokes or slaves. Right Pam?

He is still looking for the ideal girl but his specs are quite tight. That makes the match even harder to find.

Anyway, there is always one way out for Einstein. Foreign bride.

6. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 11:01 am :: 
Vandice: Nowsaday har, I tell you, we no more call ourselves crude liao. We is now more better educated. We is ourselves called "Keeping It Real".

Got sound more fee-lee-feh-leh more better refined or not har?

MeePok: I think he is so nice to the extend that he is being trampled upon. Maybe can ask Dicta to bring him go Dynasty KTV to learn Bad Boy 101 or not har?

7. Vandice left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 11:10 am
It would have been refined if not for the "har"...

Wah Dynasty ah? Cannot lah, orh tiam lai... Plus your header got FBC leh... cannot cannot... bring him to church and intro nice ger who wun trample him type lah...

8. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 11:46 am :: 
Vandice: Einstein is soooo nice that even the girls in church would trample him.
p.s. What is FBC?

9. Vandice left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 12:15 pm
warraoz... your First Baptist Church picture lah! Eh, tt header and KTV like oil and water hor... dun mix one... cannot sat. go dynasty sun. go FBC rite?

Soooo nice? He one of the sisters ah?

10. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 12:54 pm :: 
Vandice: Orrh... that FBC ah... that one get from ndex_1.php one lah.

Anyway, you are right. Cannot Saturday go Dynasty, the Sunday go FBC. Sure cannot wake up one.

Should go on Friday.

11. Meepok left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 2:39 pm
Vandice / Jay - Church char bor also trampled on him liao. KTV may actually work. Re Bad boy 101, I think we can teach him. The problem is he doesn't want to learn from us.

12. milktea left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 3:47 pm
but time waits for no one? heheheh.

i like your line, "if i ever see cupid, i am so going to kick his ass." pure cupid. but i'll probably kick him too.

13. hitomi left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 3:50 pm
Ya, faith is important. Tell Einstein not to give up hope. Maybe God has a really suitable gal in store for him. Too bad I can't volunteer myself. I'm also "very nice". ;-)

14. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 3:57 pm :: 
MeePok: He doesn't want to learn? You asked him already ah?
Sekali, go KTV also kena trample... siong!

milktea: Hmm... I may also want to kick him in the nuts for good measure.

hitomi: I have no doubt you are "very nice". How come cannot volunteer yourself?

To Einstein I say, "Keep The Faith".

15. Pam left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 4:26 pm
MP/Jay, Einstein is intimidated by women... when you guys continue to tekan him about it, isn't it worse?!?!! i'm just wondering where he meets these women... surely in his own time, he can behave normally and actually come across to them as nice as he comes across to you folks? MP, have you suggested that he could go for those 'lunch/dinner for 6' events? it's like matchmaking but he gets to makan at a nice place too! so even if he doesn't get the girl, he gets to fill his tummy! :) i think those are nice places/events to meet people, casual, foody and at least got choice of 3 women!

16. hitomi left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 5:41 pm
Lost my "volunteer rights" cos I'm attached lah.

17. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 6:16 pm :: 
Pam: Rest assured we are very aware of the risk of backfiring when pushing somebody too hard.

That is why, he is still single and we have not given up on him.

If we were to twist his arm into it, it would have been accomplished a loooong time ago.

18. Meepok left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 8:06 pm
Pam - Yes, I've suggested to Einstein already. You know me so long liao, you should have guessed !! He didn't want to go. He scared lah !!

19. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 8:09 pm ::
hitomi: Attached already har? But not married right?
Like that, then can I put him on your waiting list first? :P

20. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 8:17 pm :: 
MeePok: Looks like we need to drug him. Mix tongkat ali in his drink?
Either that or we need to be in the lookout for the type of girl who would club him on the head and then drag him back into the cave.

21. hitomi left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 8:52 pm
Sure, let me ask my boyfriend first. :P
Perhaps you can try linking him up with the "prospectives" via email first and then leave it to them to progress from there.

Or maybe Einstein's too "choosy"? Sekali he's the one who dumped the girls?

22. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 9:01 pm ::
hitomi: Wah. You must ask bf for permission one har? :P
Einstein dumped girls? Not that I am ever aware of. What about you, MeePok? Got ever see Einstein dump anyone before?

Quite impossible considering he is such a nice guy.

23. hitomi left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 10:41 pm
Have to, out of politeness mah. I told you I'm "very nice" liao.
Maybe he dumped girls in a "nice" way too. :-P

24. Pam left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 10:51 pm
i think he needs a char boh friend to tell him how to be with girls. is he even at ease with women? if he's kancheong and etcetc, sure cannot one!! especially at this age. shy shy is not cute you know, at this age!!

25. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 11:13 pm :: 
hitomi: Nice girl, indeed. BF lucky to have you.
But seriously lah. He nice until won't dump girls one, even in a nice way but that is assuming he dumps at all.

Pam: Harlow, if got char bor friend, MeePok and I "unemployed" liao loh...

26. anna left...
Thursday, 21 July 2005 7:35 am
Einstein sounds like a nice guy. It's probably not his time yet. I'm sure he'll find a wonderful girl.

27. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 21 July 2005 9:21 am :: 
anna: I certainly hope that you are right about this one. Perhaps the greater concern is this lad's morale and his fast-eroding hopes.

28. hitomi left...
Thursday, 21 July 2005 12:31 pm
I KNOW I'm nice. Haha... Not lucky lah. We're blessed to have found each other. :)

29. ei|een left...
Thursday, 21 July 2005 3:22 pm
this kind of thing, cannot rush and cannot force lah.
when the time is right, sure got many "kang tao" one.

or as my mother would say : "work hard earn money first. you got money, you scared got no one want you ah?!"

ah, sometimes, mothers really speak the truth. heh.

30. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 21 July 2005 9:24 pm :: 
hitomi: Blessed is definitely the right word. But now hor, you can afford to be more atas since you have the upper hand now. You now have a waiting list of guys.

Er... make that guy. Singular but hey, we have to start somewhere right? :P

ei|een: Like I mentioned in WonkyTong's Blog, this is a bit like waiting for the bus/cab.
One come, all come. One don't come, all don't come.

Your mother is right but only to a limited extend. How would you feel about a girl who wants you only because you are rich?

Beside, Einstein is rich NOW.

31. hitomi left...
Friday, 22 July 2005 11:14 am
Jay: You know my "shelf life" also not very long. Where got waiting list? Most guys look for SYT - "sweet young thing". :-P

Einstein can try the SDU speed-dating thingy. I've already heard of at least 2 successful cases in my circle of friends. If can't work out also can make some friends.

32. JayWalk left...
Friday, 22 July 2005 11:47 am :: 
hitomi: I feel that I need to correct you there. I don't deny the appeal of SYT but you should know that woman in their 30s are just as attractive.

Woman in the 30s are more mature and more confident. That is a totally different type of sex appeal altogether. Yummy!

So, I won't be too worried, if I were you. Just that SYT and 30s are different market segments and you just need to make the transition to discover a whole new world.

33. hitomi left...
Friday, 22 July 2005 2:31 pm
"Different market segments"? Hmmm... I'm not worried lah. I'm not called "cradle snatcher" for nothing. *LOL*

34. JayWalk left...
Friday, 22 July 2005 4:14 pm :: 
hitomi: You cradle snatcher? This is gotta hear! Spill it!!

35. hitomi left...
Friday, 22 July 2005 9:00 pm

36. JayWalk left...
Friday, 22 July 2005 9:04 pm :
hitomi: Don't you stick you tongue! Quick! Confess!

37. jaschocolate left...
Saturday, 23 July 2005 11:29 am
you mean he's still single ah.. this kind of thing cannot rush mah.. And u are really good at multi-tasking.. i wonder if u will read newspapers when u are making love.. heehee :p

38. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 23 July 2005 11:41 am ::
jaschocolate: In theory can but who is going to help flip the pages? :P

39. hitomi left...
Saturday, 23 July 2005 11:00 pm

40. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 23 July 2005 11:12 pm ::
hitomi: Aiyoh... stick tongue again!

41. akk left...
Sunday, 24 July 2005 1:29 am many comments, so better dun add my own 2 cents, u got a pile of coins liao. All the best to ur Einstein fren! must update us for good news!!!

42. JayWalk left...
Sunday, 24 July 2005 9:16 am ::
Akk: Comments can never be too many. Go on. Share with us what you have, won't you?

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