08 July 2005

Tournament At SouthWood

As many are aware, I flew down to Xiamen for some golfing over the weekend. The place is called SouthWood Golf Club and it is a ferry ride away from Xiamen to this place called ZhangZhou. As usual, I sucked big time at the tournament... again...


Oh. How I missed my boating days at Punggol/Ubin. I missed the burn of the sun, the smell of the air, the taste of the spray and the cradle rocking of the wake.

The North Cardinal Mark. Ahh.... not bad... not bad... I still remember my "road theory" of the sea.

This is our accomodation at the resort. Apparently this particular bungalow has an "over enthusiastic" roofer resulting in the lack of room for the four walls. ~LOL.

Ahh... finally made it to the golf course after the traveling and checking in. Let the tournament begin! Great weather we were having with bright sunshine and clear blue skies (instead of the usual yellowish grey polluted stuff back in ShenZhen).

As it is a golf resort by the sea, you naturally will have golf courses along the shoreline. After all, it's a great selling feature. This one kinda reminded me of PebbleBeach where I was there last July. The only difference is that the la

tter's grass is greener, weather is cooler and course is much better. However, if you compare the pricing - RMB 2500 (inclusive of air fare, makan, green fees and 3D2N accommodation) which works out to be about USD 305 versus USD 420 for the single game at PebbleBeach. Mai hiam buay pai lah....

See the white dots in the sea? That is the oyster farm where each white dot is a floater with a rope below dangling all the oysters. The oysters are all damn small with the meat about the size of a 20-cent coin. In a way it was good to have them small as they have less rubbish in them i.e. sand. Very yummy!

The island in the background ironically belong to Ta1wan as part of the Kinmen islands. I was told, as part of the Ta1wanese commando training, the soldiers were supposed to swim ashore (about 8km?), buy a movie ticket and swim back without getting caught. Pretty cool eh?
- Voxeros

1. anna left...
Saturday, 9 July 2005 2:26 am
Looks like a pretty nice resort. I like the over-sized roof.
Didn't know oysters farm look like that.
2. akk left...
Saturday, 9 July 2005 2:51 am
beautiful pics, man. BTW, that's a nice swim over to get tickets...ehehehe......
3. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 9 July 2005 10:14 am :: 
anna: It's pretty old for a resort coz when I stepped into the hut, it smelled pretty musky from all the wood ceiling, flooring and walls. 

As for the oyster farms, I supposed you still have the images of free diving Japanese ladies instead of something so structured and organised? 

akk: I can imagine the adrenaline rush for these guys, having to swim into somebody's backyard, changed to civilian clothes to blend in and get the movie tickets without being spotted as a foreign infiltrator. After that still have to swim all the way back. Imagine this: 

Soldier: Sir, reporting back with the movie ticket sir! 

Instructor: Wrong ticket soldier! 

Soldier: Sir. Correct movie and screening time what, sir! 

Instructor: I asked for Circle seat leh. Now go back and get it again. 

Soldier: *pengz* 

Of course, all these is just hear say hear say only lah. I am not really sure if such a training actually takes place. I mean if the soldier kena caught ashore, what would be his fate? 

Won't the stakes be too high just for the sake of training?

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