09 March 2006

A Tale Of Inspiration - Jason McElwain

Got this YouTube link from Lancerlord and I must say that it was very very very inspiring. What we didn't know was that this video was all the rage in the US as it made it to the various TV networks. As many as 25 production companies, including Disney and Warner Brothers have been knocking at his doors.

However, I felt that the boy in the video deserves a proper introduction rather simply a character in a video clip.

His name is Jason McElwain and he is a 17-yr old senior in Greece Athena High School, New York. Standing at 1.68m tall, he is just like any 17-yr old boy except that he has autism, which basically means that he faces a steeper slope to climb when it comes to development i.e. he is not growing up the way people expect the child to be. Other than that, he is just like any other 17-yr old boy.

This particular video touches a soft spot of mine as I have this little thing for the underdogs. A tale of inspiration as each one of them not only have a higher odds stacked against him but he would rise to the occasion and beat it to a pulp. Something that would get me to pump my fist and celebrate the glorious victory.

There is an underdog in every situation. In the English Premier League, we have the fairy tale run of Wigan Athletic, whom a season ago was in the lower Nationwide Championship League, is not only currently in the Top 10 in the league but also a Runner-Up in the Carling Cup tournament. A runner-up only to a big club like Manchester United.

Their manager Paul Jewell is just a few of the managers in the league that I admire for their current successes operating under a significantly smaller budget against the big players like Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea.

Other managers who could turn something out from nothing are Sam Alladaryce (Bolton Wanderers), Alan Curbishley (Charlton Athletic) and Harry Redknapp (Portsmouth).

Speaking of football, we are just under 100 days against from the World Cup to be held in Germany. My perennial favourite underdog, Republic of Ireland, didn't qualify this time round. :( Well, I guess after getting rid of their useless manager, Mick McCarthy, the Irish team should be turning the corner and I hope to see them back in the tournament in 4 years' time. Go Eire!

In the mean time, perhaps it's time for me to pick an alternative team to root for this year. Who could be that team?

- Voxeros

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