03 May 2005

The Queen & I - Part I

7 more days and I will be back in Singapore, awaiting in anticipation, the arrival of our second child. Another milestone in our lives.

Looking back... hmm... it's been 8 years since I signed for the old ball-and-chain. How time flies...

However, dating to the First Encounter would have been much further back as I try to recollect here.

I believe it was the July of 1991 when NUS Bizad had their talentime as part of their freshmen orientation. I was in NS then, a time when all our starry-eyed freshie girlfriends all kena potong jalan by their seniors. haiz.... Sparkling-teethed and hunky against the rest of us army boys, stuck in camp, all sweaty and grimy, but I digress...

So, if I was in NS, what was I doing in NUS then? Well, I was a part-time roadie with an events company was assigned to cover the talentime. A roadie at that time was a good job for me. It was good money and more importantly, it provided good opportunities to chat up the babes, be it the undergrads during campus events or table-servers during companies dinner & dance. Heh heh...

She was part of the organising sub-committee and that's how I met her for the first time. Nothing came out from it as there was no opportunity to make contact. We didn't even get to know each other's name. We only remembered seeing each other before when we bumped into each other a few years later.

And that would be 1994 and I was in Uni. Back then, my usual week would go like this:- Monday and Tuesday were school days as I cramped all my lectures and tutorials into a 2-day timetable. The rest of Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays were spent either goofing off studying or engaging in ECAs during the day and partying studying or engaging in ECAs at night. Saturdays were spent chillin' (read: hangover) while it's out at sea for me on Sundays. I guess you can tell by now, that I wasn't exactly your scholar material.. heh heh...

That one fateful Thursday in the month of June, was the day after my birthday and according to my "social calendar", it was Chaplin's Day. My fellow "Knights Of Drinkalot" (Kay, Hong, Ah-Duh and I) shared a cab down from campus to Holland Village, to meet the rest of the "whole jing gang". I was presented, as a birthday gift, with a hip flask of Chivas which was curved and fits nicely into my back pocket. Being the cheapo students that we were, I tucked out my shirt and smuggled the the bottle in to avoid paying for corkage. We sailed in smoothly under the radar.

That's where I met her again. She came along with another friend of mine, Wing. So the usual "Hello, nice-to-meet-you, by-the-way-happy-birthday...." went about for a couple of minutes before I was lured away to other parts of the jing gang.

Below is an approximate transcript of a bunch of typical alcoholic blokes' conversation:

Hong: Oi... got the jug of Long Island.

Kay: What do we do with the Chivas?

Me: Ok, everybody take a big swig of the Long Island to make space for the Chivas.

Glug... Glug... Glug...

Me taking another swig after emptying the bottle: *Wheeze* can't taste *wheeze* the long island anymore!

Ah-Duh: So how?

Kay: Too much whiskey. Let's get another jug and we do Long Island Teh Tarik.

Minutes later, second jug arrives.

Me taking another swig after performing the teh tarik ritual to the delight of the people around us: *hack* *cough* still no Long Island taste!

Hong: One more jug!

After 4 jugs of Long Island Teh Tarik, we finally got it right.

Ah-Duh: Eh, there is 4 of us and 4 jugs...

Me: Down periscope! Dive! Dive! Dive!

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- Voxeros

1. a reader left...
Wednesday, 4 May 2005 7:16 am
8 years? that long already
2. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 4 May 2005 12:54 pm
Yeah.... time flies when you aren't paying too much attention to it.

Thinking back, a lot of stuff that you thought was recent were quite some time ago. Like when you graduated from college, when you got out of NS.

Thinking back, this would be my 20th year with the same lady who gives me my haircut. wow.
Note to self: Must go back to thank her for the 20 years.

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