29 May 2005

Congrats To Liverpool

Thanks Pam for this picture that she emailed to me. It was damn funny!!

As much as I hate to admit, I was glad Liverpool won the European Champions League after coming back from 0-3 down.

Initially, I thought they were just going to win it ugly ala Greece in the European Championship 2004 by playing with 1 goalie and 10 defenders. Instead, they came alive in the second half with a barrage of 3 goals to take the game to extra time and then to the penalties, after falling behind in the first 45 minutes.

It was a performance that I applaud for a worthy adversary. Just when we thought they were all dead and buried, I tipped my hat to these guys for not giving up.

It was a well deserved win and I hope that Liverpool would get to defend their title next season. Also hopefully, they put in a better showing in their domestic fixtures as well.

Well done and my sincerest congratulations to the Scousers.

- Voxeros

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