01 May 2005

Extreme Golf Weekend

How do I get to where I was this morning? Let's do a flashback to the beginning of this week.

Good buddy of mine, Les, came up to Hong Kong for his regular regional meetings. As per SOP, he will bring his golf clubs along and pop by my place for a weekend of golfing before heading back to Singapore. This particular weekend was lagi best because of the Labour Day long weekend.

The day that he checked into the airport hotel, I gave him a call to say hello. Like all hotels in a strange unfamiliar land (like those that we stayed during our R&R after our NS/Reservist training in Taiwan), I donned my Taiwanese accent and went, "先生,要不要小姐?" 

I was immediately greeted with loud gaffaws over at the other end of the line. Ahh... the good old days, hor? *wink wink nudge nudge*

Anyway, it was just a short phone call as I just wanted to make arrangements for his golf barang-barang to be transported to my side ahead of him, so that he don't have to struggle with it while traveling. I good brudder or what??

So Les finally showed up on Friday night and was immediately whisked away to dinner and the drinking to follow till about 2.30am. We lost count as to how many bottles of wine and whiskey we had that night, I only remembered that it was non-stop. I wonder where all the booze come from coz I don't recall paying? Hmm... It was only Day 00.

Given that he was in a drunken state of stupor, I decided to let him sleep-in the next morning as I headed to work. With only the maid and him in the house, I wondered if my maid got rape wake him while I was gone. Hmm... Will have to ask the maid when I get the chance.

We joined up later at lunch time and let the "Jay vs Les Face-Off" begin! It was pretty one-sided as I took Game 1 with a skull crushing score of 8-UP. (In the 18 holes, I won 9, he won 1, while we squared the remainder 8). My uncle, who was with us, had a side bet with Les, going by the rules of 1-cup-per-stroke. Essentially, the loser will have to drink a cup (per stroke difference) of anything. Be it water, wine, liquor, tea, soda pop... anything as long as it is 1 cup per stroke. Les lost by a grand margin of 17. Les was confirmed Hong Kan that night...

Well, where credit is due, Les honoured his bet by downing whiskey-on-the-rocks. Was it all 17? Hell yeah... and more, but who's counting?

We stumbled back at about 3am only to find the front door latched from inside.... siao liao... So off we go, stumbling around the house trying to locate the maid's bedroom window to wake her up. For what I thought was gentle knocking on her window, I must have, with the alcohol fueling all my muscle groups, been pounding on it instead. Boy, was she not happy to see us. Oops.

By the time, I finished brushing my teeth, the alcohol was totally burned off and I became totally sober and wide awake at 4am. Great... just friggin' great.

Hmm... let me fire up the instant messengers and see if there is anybody to kacheow? Nope. No luck with folks at the opposite end of the time zone. Let check the local insomniacs. Nope No luck either as all seemed to be asleep.

Damn. I was in a dilemna whether to go to bed or just stay awake given that I had to get up in slightly under 2 hours. In the end, I decided to pop in a DVD get through to 6am. The DVD started off with the opening creditzzzzzzzzzzz...


I was rudely awakened as the alarm on my mobile phone buzzed. Natural instinct was to hit the snooze button for another 7 minutes of sleep before the next buzz. But with my pathetic attempt to locate the snooze button, I started pounding my mobile phone with my clenched fist in the feeble attempt that I might just get lucky and hit the right button to activate the snooze. I wonder what is it about alcohol and caveman-like pounding? Hmm.....

6am.... arrgghh.... as I struggled out of bed. Tee-Off time for Day 2 is 7.10am. What is it about stoopid siao golfers (us) and the constant search for punishment? *groan*

Morning of Day 2 was bad as my head, lungs and liver all felt like they were about to explode. *groan*

Perhaps age has finally caught up with us as we seemed to be totally inapt at pulling off back-to-back all nighters.

Game 2 of "Jay vs Les" was a more subdued affair as we were both reeling from the aftermath of "extreme drinking". Score was ALL SQUARE with Les and I both chalking up 6 holes and squaring the remainder 6.

Les was the wiser this time, not to get involved in another round of 1-cup-per-stroke with my uncle this time. He would have lost by another 16. Phew!

In all, I sure am glad to have Les coming up to visit me. Perhaps next time, we should turn the "extreme drinking" down a notch.

See you in 9 days, Les!

- Voxeros

1. a reader left...
Monday, 2 May 2005 12:40 pm
I can't understand how some pple can drink themselves sick!
2. JayWalk left...
Monday, 2 May 2005 4:26 pm
Ahh... but frankly nobody would want to be sick but alas how often do we find ourselves overestimating ourselves? *guilty*

We were pretty buzzed but not drunk. I guessed we still had a bit of our senses when we decided to stop short of going overboard and end up puking our guts out.

A sign of aging? *sigh*

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