25 May 2005

Sick Again

I am back in Ch1na and I have fallen ill again. The sore throat, the dry cough, the back ache and most of all the temperature have all come back to haunt me.

Let me pose a question to the folks out there who are sports people or at least very active in sports. We hardly fall ill but when we do, we suffer twice as much as the average folk. True or false?

Perhaps, it was due to the fact that Mund, Chuan, Boon and I got caught in the rain in Bintan. We waited 3 hours for the rain to stop but it seemed that the clouds weren't letting up. Not wanting to waste the trip down, we decided to push on and play golf in the rain. It was quite funny during that time as we were so adamant to finish 18 holes that we literally played the last one in the dark. We could hardly see the ball and we were playing and running in our race again time for what ever daylight was left. I must say however, that the full moon helped quite a bit. Crazy golfers, we were, we are and we will always be.

Apologies to Belle if I couldn't answer your MSN yesterday. I was totally zonked.

Anyway, the trip back to Ch1na was a horrible one. I failed yet again in my attempt to sweet talk the agent into scoring an upgrade. Have I lost my touch? The only consolation was that I managed to persuade her to close both eyes over my excess luggage (quite a lot of excess, I must add). She gave me a knowing wink as she tagged my golf bag and my luggage full of Prima Taste pre-mixes. Had I been a playah, chao buaya and/or single, I would have asked for her number there and then. Alas, the vintage ol' me has past his prime liao.

The trip back has always been painful as it meant leaving home, family and friends yet again. This trip was lagi worse as I had to travel with a flu. It was definitely a low point there.

As soon as I touched down in Ch1na, the phones have been ringing incessantly. Mostly about idiots whom I need to bail out with my fire-fighting skills. I refused to take any phone calls today as I laid on my bed resting. I am so not looking forward to seeing how many missed calls I have on my cellphone. All of them can go eat shit and die.

I will feel better tomorrow when I get back to the office and chew a few people's heads off.

- Voxeros

1. a reader left...
Thursday, 26 May 2005 12:19 am
Get well fast sugar daddy! And I miss you miss you MISS MISS YOU!!!
2. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 26 May 2005 1:02 am
thanks. looking forward to my next trip back.

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