28 May 2005

Helloooo Nurse!

For those who have been following my blog, you would have noticed that I was in and out of KK Hospital for the past 2 weeks. It got me thinking about the nurses whom we almost take for granted.

It came to me as a surprise of coincidence that MailOrderBride is involved in a Nurse-themed play, MeePokTah penned his tribute to them in his blog, while Cinthia is a student nurse with NYP (internship now at AH?).

Actually come to think of it, I was a male nurse medic during my secondary school and JC days but that would be another blog, another day.

Back in 2003, during the SARS crisis, we read about nurses and doctors being put in the front line. Lives were sadly lost and we paid tribute to those who had valiantly given up their lives just so that they can save ours. However, all these were done at an arm's length as the newspapers and media was as close as I got to them.

It wasn't until I stepped into the hospital myself for the birth of my son Gabriel, that I got into close contact with these tireless nightingales. My 72-hours stay at the hospital gave me first hand insight into the work that they do. I was most humbled in gratitude.

As I had mentioned in my earlier blog (Da Brat Is In Da House), it was certainly heart-warming to see them from all background, race and religion, working towards the same goal. To get Gabriel out.

Then it got me thinking. With all the racial hoo-hah going on in the blogosphere recently. We could all learn a lesson from what I had witnessed. We should all look up to these fine folks for they are truly what we know as One People, One Nation, One Singapore.

A slight digression here. I was glad that all of us from all sorts of background, had at least a common denominator that keeps us binded together. The language of English. Granted that not all are able to speak "proper" English, I feel that getting the point across outweighs any grammar and pronunciation accuracies. Screw them. Can understand, can liao.

On another note, here's an interesting thing that happened in KKH while I was there. I noticed a NYP Student Nurse doing her internship there. I am like bumping into her everywhere I go. The food court, the elevator, McDonald's, the car park. Didn't catch her name although, Cinthia (Cin: Are you reading this?) should be able to clue me in given that they were both from NYP. What really caught my attention (other than the fact that she quite the chio ) was that she drives a Jaguar and parks in the hospital at $8 a day.

It won't need a CPA to tell you that it would be an unhealthy "Profit & Loss Statement" for this young intern nurse. It was obvious that she comes from a wealthy family and I really do sincerely hope that she is answering a higher calling to undertake the sacred duty of Nursing. I really do.

Coming back to my original intention of writing this. The next time you chance upon a staff of the medical profession, make it a point to let that person know that you appreciate his/her dedication to his/her work.

- Voxeros

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