14 April 2006

Elections By JayWalk

The election buzz is getting louder and louder with each day and it is indication that the election is just creeping up on us round the corner.

While I am well aware of the fact that a million and one bloggers are already talking about this to death liao, I nevertheless still want to put in my own 2-cents' worth. So do bear with me if some of it sounds already very familiar, it just mean that I too have the same sentiment.

Progress Package
Every time just before the election, some goodies will be given to the people. It is understandable that the Gahmen is just trying to kiss your brown chocolate starfish lah. Personally, I am ok with it in the sense that this type of thing hor, is normal election strategy lah. However, the more important thing is that everybody, INCLUDING those who stayed in opposition wards, also got it.

Don't give me the crap protesting about how the Gahmen is trying to "bribe" us with money. Fuck lah, I don't see you rejecting the money, do I?

As long as everybody gets hor, I have no qualms about it lah.

Vote For Upgrading

Lan tui understand? What I damn fucking buay song is the act of holding upgrading ransom or some even say "punishment" for voting for the opposition.

Eh, we voting for the candidate or we voting for the upgrading har?

Fuck lah, who don't want upgrading? Come, let me slap your head solid solid one time.

If someone can tell me straight in the face with supporting evidence that the PAP wards' upgrading funds come only from PAP and PAP alone then I 没话讲 and accept the fact that if you don't vote for PAP, you don't get upgrading. Then I is 心服口服.

However (I may be wrong here), I was, all along, under the impression that the HDB Upgrading funds come from the Gahmen. Also, don't give me the crap that "oh, because all the PAP wards decided to combine their projects into a mega big one that they are able to get a better deal from the suppliers and contractors. Talk cock lah, then I might as well say get HDB to combine ALL the constituencies into one LAGI BIG SINGAPORE project, then I get LAGI BETTER DEAL right?

I am very confuse here leh. Upgrading money is from PAP or from the Gahmen of the Republic Of Singapore har? HDB and PAP different spelling right? Sorry ah, my engerand not is good lor.

Eh, last I check hor, the folks in Potong Pasir also carry pink IC with the Majulah Singapura logo leh. I also recall some of our own NS Boys and Reservists taking bus and going to their homes in Hougang.

Wait, they all not Singaporeans meh? Was I away too long that Potong Pasir and HouGang are now separate foreign countries liao ah? If I take bus go there hor, I need to bring passport or not har? Need to apply visa? Singapore money go there can use? They got selling chewing gum? Can bring duty-free hoon kee in or not?

Somebody! Quick tell me that we are still one UNITED people, REGARDLESS of race, language or religion!

Speaking of One United People, while I don't wish to pull up a dead person and beat him up, but I must say this Rajaratnam botched the job authoring the pledge. Granted he was a great man and we, the later generations of Singapore, owe him a great debt, but our national pledge seriously needs a bit of tweaking, arh bor, not up to standard leh.

With the benefit of hindsight, he should have written it as "... pledge ourselves as one united people, regardless of race, language, religion and political affliation,..."

My point is that it doesn't matter if you voted for PAP or SDP or SPP or even an independent, you are Singaporean. Nobody can take that away from you. You, the very same person that will queue for hours, fighting with another fellow citizen, en route to the latest McDonalds Hello Kitty plush toy. You, the very same person who roared with the rest of the entire housing estate when we won Pahang 4-0 in the Malaysian Cup final in 1993. You, pat pat the seat after the previous person left. You, queue long long because that day is $5 million TOTO. You, are Singaporean.

Bankrupt Opposition Members

Over the years we have opposition members getting their ass sued till bankruptcy for voicing out against the Gahmen leaders. Then people say, WAH, Gahmen use this type of tactic to force them out, make them bankrupt then disqualify them from elections.

I say those who actually believe it hor, come, let me slap your head solid solid one time. If you say wrong thing, you are going to be taken to task. If hor, what you said was the truth and they still take you to Court, you will lose meh? I firmly believe that our Judiciary won't luan luan lai one lah.

You see the TT Durai case? He sue then end up own backside on fire. What about the cockanathan (whose name I can't even remember) who tried to run for President? Catch ball?

GRC Concept

I really hate this GRC thing and I think it is sibeh unfair. I agree with those who feel that those new candidates who piggy-backed on the strong candidates into Parliament are going in via the back door.

Whoever said they need 5-member or 6-member GRC because the constituency is too big is talking cock lah. Constituency too big cannot split is it? I prefer the old days of election circa 1984 where 1 constituency have only 1 MP. During the election, it is one man fight one man (or woman).

Let's take Marine Parade GRC as an example. If the candidate team inside got SM Goh Chok Tong and then chin chai chin chai grab another 5 idiots to make up the numbers, we will still vote for PAP. Why? Because losing Goh Chok Tong would be a greater loss to the people of Singapore then voting in the 5 other morons.

That's why during the last election when PAP candidates like Matthias Yao, Tan Cheng Bok and a few others who won their respective 1-to-1 battles, I super respect them. They won it fair and square. I is 心服口服.

Perhaps a better example would be the 1991 Election where PAP candidate Ong Chit Chung won by a mere 51.82%. Granted that there were almost as many votes against him, the rules were laid out up front and thus even by the slimmest margin of just slightly over 1000 votes, I would concede wholeheartedly and recognised him as the rightful elected MP of Bukit Batok. Again, I is 心服口服.

Coming back to this GRC thing. Now look at Tanjong Pagah GRC during the last election where MM Lee Kuan Yew was there. If you tell me you don't know why no opposition fielded a team there, come, let me slap your head solid solid one time. If I was one of the candidates in that GRC hor, wah lan eh... kio tio gu lan ok!!

Allow me to bring you to the election results of the last election. Take a look at the winning GRC team candidates. If you are looking at any of the names like as if you are looking at it for the very first time hor, don't you think that they damn 失败? Eh, I tell you secret, but they are the very people who are running our country leh! Scared or not?

Come on! Switch back to the 1 constituency 1 MP format. Let the new candidates go through their own personal Baptism of Fire. If they pass through on their own accord, it will definitely cast away all our doubts about this candidate mah.

All we ask is for us to be 心服口服. Is that too much to ask?

Uncontested WalkOver Wards

Then there are the uncontested wards. My side walkover so many times until I also dunno who my MP is. Don't say dunno who my MP is lah, what constituency I am in hor, I also don't know. (The GRC line draw here draw there, make me lagi blur. Machiam shifting goal post.)

But this one hor, not the fault of the PAP lah. The opposition themselves 不争气, cannot find enough credible people to run. Dr Chee Soon Juan is a bladdy joke. Mr Tan "Flip Flop Slipper" Lead Shake also another one. But then hor, just because the candidate go through unopposed means he is good for the people meh?

Frankly, if I may suggest, let the uncontested candidate go through a referendum. Let the people go through a vote of Yes vs No. The uncontested candidate will only be successful if he can get over 50% of the votes of Yes. Given that it is already an uncontested ward, getting the 50% should be merely a formality but at least this exercise allows the people to give their input mah. I mean if this candidate in an uncontested ward cannot get 50% of the vote, would you still want him to represent your constituency? Harlow! No opponent leh!! Then still cannot pass???

Machiam like a footballer taking a penalty with no goalkeeper in front and then cannot score!! WTF?? Can it be any more chiu cheng?

After Thought: If unfortunately, the candidate that the voters endorsed turned out to be a dud, then so be it. It was after all, the people's choice and as such they must the pay for their own collective folly. Then perhaps next time, the people would be more careful in choosing the next candidate. So think about it, there is good coming from that in the sense that the people would learn a valuable lesson in democracy.

One More Thing That I Left Out Earlier - Your Vote Is SecretMany people fear that the votes may not be THAT secret for after all the ballot sheets all have serial numbers and as such, there is a way to trace back to the particular voter. Yes, I concede that this is a technical loophole. However, I feel that our Gahmen has enough integrity not to exploit it. I am not worried about this at all.

Ok lah, this is all I have to say, I hope I don't get hauled up to drink tea after this. This is not a politcal entry. This is a patriotic one.

I speak only because I care.

Frankly, I am damn scared. If you later on hor, you see this blog disappear and then hor, got official apology on front page tar big big hor, you know what happened liao.

But hopefully, we won't have to come to that.

All I wanted is to be 心服口服. Is that too much to ask?

- Voxeros

1. Derrick left...
Friday, 14 April 2006 4:18 am
Hai if I were born a year earlier I'd have been $800 richer =(
2. JayWalk left...
Friday, 14 April 2006 12:30 pm :: 
Derrick: Don't worry lah. We get this every 5 years or so whenever there is an election. Next time lor.

3. Jaschocolate left...
Friday, 14 April 2006 11:02 pm
Can dont use "brown chocolate starfish" cos i like chocolate leh.. use strawberry lah.. i dont like strawberry so much...

Sorry ah... u type so much and i only notice this.. i is typical singaporean youngster.. dont care about politics one.. :p
4. KingMeng left...
Saturday, 15 April 2006 1:37 am ::
You made me wanna post my political post too...though I'm not sure if I'll get sued. :P

Btw, I've changed your link. Seems like your comment was considered as SPAM by the Wordpress editor. Sorry for that. -_-"
5. kim left...
Saturday, 15 April 2006 10:27 am
actually hor, one of my other ambition is to become an MP. I think I have alot of ambitions. Hahah.. But my friends say once I become an MP, they will immediately migrate out of Singapore. Sigh.
6. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 15 April 2006 11:23 am :: 
Jaschocolate: Unless you can show me a strawberry starfish, it will have to be a brown chocolate one for now. 

KingMeng: I shall look forward to your piece on it. Then hor, if invited to go drink tea hor, I can bring you along as well. Hahahaha.... 

kim: I can never be an MP. Too big a load of dirty laundry liao.

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