18 April 2006

Leg Sticking Out

Gabe sleeps in our room in his own cot at the foot of our bed. I returned to my room one night and saw Gabe sleeping with one leg sticking out which I find super amusing.

Pardon the grainy pictures as they were taken in extremely low light conditions for obvious reason. If you actually have to ask why I didn't use the camera flash, come, let me slap you head solid solid one time.

Also, I realised Gabe's "sleep kuan" a bit the pai kuar. Wonder what he is dreaming about? Kung Fu fighting? Hmm...

I was rudely awakened the next morning, when I found "something" grabbing my big toe. Guess who?

- Voxeros

1. winter left...
Tuesday, 18 April 2006 12:07 am
he's soooooooooooo cute
totally adorable
yum yum

2. kim left...
Tuesday, 18 April 2006 12:39 am
winter! Don't tell me you are thinking of devouring him? CANNOT!!!
jay, 你的儿子超可爱. 我看了,马上想生一个. damn adorable!

3. Zhe Bin left...
Tuesday, 18 April 2006 12:40 am
Pole dance lah.. Hahahahaha..

4. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 18 April 2006 1:37 am ::
Winter: Aiyoh.... your "yum yum" dunno why sound so scary one!

kim: 还不快点去生一个?!!!!

zhebin: Siao lah... pole dance so many poles one meh?

5. Jaschocolate left...
Tuesday, 18 April 2006 5:50 am
Kim wants to give birth?? Then hurry up so i can play with the kid...
Dad, my bro got style hor.. lucky i don't sleep like that.. not demure :p

6. winter left...
Tuesday, 18 April 2006 9:47 am
scary meh
he's soooooooooo cute till i can't bear to devour him..

7. aloe left...
Tuesday, 18 April 2006 10:22 am
cute... but i pity his future partner!!! squashed! btw, who does he take over in his sleep pattern har?

8. akk left...
Tuesday, 18 April 2006 10:25 am
hur hur....u'll have to knock my head solid solid one time...

9. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 18 April 2006 10:56 am ::
Jaschocolate: Yah lor... sleep until so un-glam...

winter: I think you will smother him to death. He should be so lucky. :)

Anna: Eh... has it occurred to you that perhaps his future partner wants to be squashed by him?

akk: SLAP!

10. Mum2One left...
Tuesday, 18 April 2006 1:08 pm
Very cute, indeed! Actually hor, I think it's just a male thing... coz Kyzac does the total surrender thing too with his arms and his leg sticks out sometimes too but because we don't have a bed next to his cot, it's not so comfortable so he sticks it back in when he realises it!

11. koreanhousewife left...
Tuesday, 18 April 2006 1:36 pm ::
Dont know if tis pop get permission first B4 he shoot?
Nevermind, next time and use tis to blackmail gabe, if he listen to his wife and bully U. At least have one solid solid one at yr hand!
I was lookin thru the flickr, saw PeelOrange. U asked me if I smoke, I seldom. If I do it will be MML. If I see PeelOrange, I will buy cos its hard to spot and it reminds me of Tang orange juice. I like cigar also.

12. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 18 April 2006 8:35 pm ::
Mum2One: Come to think of it, I dunno how Faith sleeps. Anyway, it's too late to find out now that she is older and has learnt to "sleep properly" already.

KoreanHouseWife: Lim peh shoot my son photo still need permission one meh? Sue me lah!
Eh... what is "MML" har?

13. koreanhousewife left...
Wednesday, 19 April 2006 11:22 am ::
Marlboro Menthol Light =_=

14. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 19 April 2006 6:00 pm :: 
KoreanHouseWife: Oh. Acherly hor, if you like menthol. You should try Viceroy Menthol Lights.
Recommended to me by Jaslyn. Unfortunately, it was at a time, I was calling it a day as far as hoon kees are concerned.

15. koreanhousewife left...
Thursday, 20 April 2006 3:57 am ::
Cannot lah, told U the reason why me cannot smoke liao lah. Want to see me at hospital is it? U wicked heart!(*loud TSK)
Awwww, when U say: Hoon kees damn beng! Awwww,
Anyway, talk abt hoon kees, I used to have a huge crush on someone who smoke like crazy and U know wats the nick I give him?
I call him: Kissin a walkin ash tray.
Give up smokin is gd lah. Must be considerate to wifey, faith and gabe and mom and pop and maid and dogs and,(endless)
Gd lah, gd lah...

16. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 20 April 2006 9:06 am ::
KoreanHouseWife: Come to think of it, what prompted me to quit smoking. I just woke up one morning and didn't feel like having a hoon kee anymore.
Besides, the air quality in Ch1na is bad enough.

17. koreanhousewife left...
Thursday, 20 April 2006 1:42 pm ::
Old Ginger,
Did U turn cold turkey? Or did U try the patchy patchy thingy (nicotine patch, right name?) I dont think there is a need for me to smoke. To me, smokin is for pleasure. So for now its only restricted to when I sing K, then I smoke.
U know wat, at my ex agency...when the gers smoke too fast. We call them: Ah Lian:P * secret code*

18. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 20 April 2006 9:36 pm :: 
KoreanHouseWife: Neither. Just stop. Period.
Last time will sneak a stick or two when drinking or golfing. Now is completely stop liao.

19. koreanhousewife left...
Thursday, 20 April 2006 10:23 pm ::
Keep yr mouth busy,
Well done! Reward yrself...splurge on a pedicure lor. *Tsk, dont give me tat frown face. U told me U are vain wah!
Really, gd effort! Reward U one brownie point.

20. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 20 April 2006 11:25 pm :: 
KoreanHouseWife: You another giam kanna. 1 brownie point niah.... :(

21. koreanhousewife left...
Friday, 21 April 2006 1:04 am ::
Dear Oliver,
50¢ one kanna cheap cheap ar!
P/S: hope I get it right,,,kanna means olive (at the martini?)

22. JayWalk left...
Friday, 21 April 2006 8:45 am :: 
KoreanHouseWife: Your kanna inside got gold issit? 50cents! Must be super atas high class kanna.

23. kampongbabe left...
Saturday, 22 April 2006 2:03 am ::
actually, looking at this pic, i'm worried about your son knocking his head when he toss/turn in his cot. cot bumper would be good idea, no?

24. koreanhousewife left...
Saturday, 22 April 2006 2:57 am ::
Oliver Twist Yr Butt,
916 gold ok? Dont play play!

25. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 22 April 2006 8:47 am ::
kampungbabe: Hello there! Haven't seen your comment for a long time already. :)
We have the padded skirting for the cot but Gabe the Itchy Hands keep pulling it apart.

KoreanHouseWife: 916 only? Why not 999k? Harng cheng pai har?

26. koreanhousewife left...
Saturday, 22 April 2006 9:25 am ::
Poh Heng (Jewellery),
U dont know meh, I heart-lander mah. Only the rich and not so famous like to buy the 999K bars and BUILD LEGO.
Queen: Awww...wats Harng cheng pai har! Simple ENGLAND! Simple ENGLAND, if not I set my corgi to bite U!!! Ha!
P/S: So early I wake up for tea and scones liao cos kenna wake up by my mate and ask me if I wanna see movie and chill out later. Gd also, if not rot at home! Hehe. Have a gd weekend, honey.

27. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 22 April 2006 3:47 pm ::
KoreanHouseWife: Harng cheng pai = economy no good.
Btw, it's ENGERAND, ENGERAND!!! You make fun of my engerand har? I set my bull-log to bite your kar chng then you know.

28. koreanhousewife left...
Saturday, 22 April 2006 8:07 pm ::
British Bulldog (WWF Wrestler),
I can see yr Hokkien is quiet not bad. Hokkien Beng ar? But when speak to me can more ENGLANG or HANYU or not? If not my head BIG BIG =_=.Thks.

29. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 22 April 2006 8:55 pm ::
KoreanHouseWife: For the last time, it's ENGERAND! ENGERAND!!!

30. koreanhousewife left...
Sunday, 23 April 2006 12:18 pm ::
Black Knight,
Share a Joke here...Read on.
The Queen of England was angry. She said to lord Hamilton, "Sir, last week you dared to say in the parliament that all English women are for sale, didn't you?" "Yes, I did, your Majesty." "Then you mean I am also for sale?" The Lord remained silent. "Come on, Sir. How much would you pay for me?" "Three pounds, your Majesty." "So little?" "You see, you are already bargaining.

31. JayWalk left...
Sunday, 23 April 2006 12:25 pm ::
KoreanHouseWife: Hahaha.... good one!

32. koreanhousewife left...
Sunday, 23 April 2006 7:35 pm ::
Lord JayWalk,
Have U been to Harrods B4? I believe a highflyer like U, have been there. Tell me more at MSN. I was flippin the big book abt tat dept store at Harrods at TAKA and is amazed and intrigued by the grandness of the place.
To sidetrack abit. U were askin me abt movie. I sudden remember I saw the movie trailer for: Mirrormask tat day.....I reckon its something like: Labyrinth (David Bowie), U saw tat one B4? Quiet nice.
Also I might wanna see tis one call: Hostel which I reckon will be sooooo gross and scary. The problem is I know TIAN AR! will be too chicken hearted to go with me and Bren doent not like horror:( *Tsk. Anyway read tis first abt: Hostel...
The hallowed tradition of the post-college European backpacking trip turns into an unimaginable nightmare for two unsuspecting American 20-somethings in Eli Roth’s (CABIN FEVER) sensational second outing.
Paxton (Jay Hernandez) and Josh (Derek Richardson) have embarked upon a hedonistic tour of the continent, and somewhere along the way they picked up an Icelandic lunk named Oli (Eythor Gudjonsson). In Amsterdam the trio partakes of the pastimes most dear to frat boys everywhere: weed, prostitutes, and nightclubs.
But when a fellow traveler tells these thrill-seekers about the decadent scene that awaits them in Bratislava, they find themselves unable to resist its lures; enticed by the promise of a hostel full of beautiful girls who love Americans, they set out for the remote areas of Eastern Europe. There, the sex farce to which the film’s first half is devoted slowly turns ominous, as the boys hook up immediately with the gorgeous Natalya (Barbara Nedeljakova) and Svetlana (Jana Kaderabkova), whose eagerness masks more sinister intentions.
Soon, the disagreeable backpackers find themselves on the other side of the flesh trade, sold by the girls into an exclusive human trafficking operation that sets its customers up with the opportunity to torture and kill a helpless victim.

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