12 April 2006

Run For Funds 2006 - April Update

It's been several months since we last heard of RunForFunds Project and I am pleased to be able to put up an update here. The funny thing is that I would be the first to be updating on the project. Even the two RunForFunds site haven't gotten up to speed yet. Shame on you, Adrian!

However, I do have to apologise for this entry come out late. It may as a result, deny those who wanted to attend the "Maximise Your Potential" programme launch  for the event would have been over by the time you read this.

Truth of the matter is that I only got this email 2 days ago and due to my own workload, I didn't get around to posting this up until only this evening. So again, I do apologise.

Anyway, do take the time to read the update and I will add my views on the update below Adrian's.


Hi all,

3 months has passed since my last update.
I trust all of you are keeping well.
The purpose of this email is to update you on the funds collected and the planned usage in 2006.

I'd also like to invite you to the launch of our new "Maximize Your Potential" programme at Geylang Methodist Secondary School.
Date: 12 April 2006 (Wed)
Time: 5pm (ya lah …. Pls take an hour off work to come lah ….)
Venue: GMSS Conference Room (@ Kallang Bahru, the old Victoria Sec Sch). 

Pls send me an SMS or email to confirm your attendance.
(Superfriends – Pls let me know how many of your sponsors are coming)

Attached note is for your info, pls.



1. MYP @ Geylang Methodist Secondary School (GMSS)
With the assistance of the teacher in charge of student welfare (Ms Hazel Kaan), 5 students have been identified to receive the MYP award at GMSS in 2006.
This is based on financial needs and merit (eg. Willingness to learn, good behaviour and potential to excel).
Due to higher expenses in secondary school, the quantum of support is $600 per student per year (compared to $350 for the 13 students in the MYP @ Geylang Methodist Primary School).

We've organised a launch of the programme @ GMSS with a simple get-together on 12th April, involving the students, their parents, teachers and RFF sponsors.
I expect this programme to grow in the coming years @ GMSS as we delve further into the needs of students from financially disadvantaged families.

I will file a report of the 12th April gathering to keep those who can't attend the event in the loop.

2. Funds collection update
As per previous years, at this point in time, funds are still flowing in.
The Superfriends have raised in excess of US$36k from the Dec 2005 Marathon and we are fast approaching our STRETCH target of $40k.
I once again thank you for your generosity.
I will prepare a breakdown of the RFF 2005 contributions in early May and share it with you.

3. Usage of funds in 2006

The principle for the usage of funds is to plug gaps that the government and social welfare system in Singapore cannot address or addresses inadequately.

1.  MYP programmes @ GMPS and GMSS.   Funding structure and mechanism in place.  More students will be identified.

2.  Pocket Money Fund @ GMPS and GMSS.   This is an existing RFF programme.  The RFF movement is proud to be amongst pioneers in the establishment of pocket money fund in schools. With Straits Times and other organisations jumping on the bandwagon, I will be looking at plugging gaps at schools that the "Big Boys like ST" have missed out and do not have pocket money funds. Hey, if Big Boys have the cash, use their money first ….we'll put ours to other uses J

3. Establishment of new MYP programmes at neighbourhood schools.   I will be speaking with other government aided schools to explore the possibility of sponsoring their needy but bright students.  As you can see, I am extremely passionate about the MYP programme. It is a gift of hope.

4.  Upgrading facilities at Geylang East Home for the Aged.   We sponsored 8 medical beds to replace rickety, wooden, bug-ridden ones in 2005.  This year, I'm looking to replace more beds. How many will depend on the need of the home and funds available. (These beds are not cheap @ $500+ per pop).

5.  Funding "care-giver" costs at schools for children with special needs.   Homes for children with special needs (like MINDS) are typically extremely short-staffed and are strapped for funds to hire care-givers to the children. With the help of my kakis from the EDB RFF chapter, we've exploring possibilities of funding / sharing the costs of hiring new help.   The employment contracts and terms of employment need to be worked out.

6.  RFF going overseas?   I've been contemplating this for some time. Perhaps we can use 10% of our funds to support overseas orphanage projects (eg. in China, Indonesia).  According to my friends who've been to China to help, the living conditions at the orphanages are spartan and facilities run-down beyond belief.  Even putting food on the table, providing a bed for the child to sleep in are issues.   To make matters worse, because of the one-child policy in China, children with disabilities are abandoned at birth.  I'm planning a trip to an orphanage that houses abandoned children with disabilities in the hinterlands of China in July 06.  If the need is established, RFF funding will NOT be in cash.  I'm planning to buy beds and food supplies while I'm there.   No goods, no cash.  $4 – 5,000 will go a long, long way. Those of you interested to join me in this trip, pls drop me a note.

Ok folks. I think I'll end the note here.
I'm long winded as usual as there's loads of stuff to share.

Take care and you'll hear from me soon.
Thanks again for caring and sharing.

- aL

JayWalk's Two-Cents Worth

I'm afraid I will have to disagree with RunForFunds going overseas. For those who remembered what I wrote previously, I am of the camp who feels that we should settle our own backyard properly before venturing outwards. I mean, if we are able to settle everything back home swee swee, every aged and sick taken care of, every underprivileged kid helped and if we have excess after that, then by all means go out and help the needy in the further regions.

My question is --> Our own backyard settle already or not?

RunForFunds Project in terms of scale is damn bladdy small, how the hell would we be able to take on a big project like Ch1na and do a good job?

Please lah, I know we are small. But you know hor, I rather keep it small and make it the best goddamn  project in the world instead of taking on a grand-scale one and ending up doing a half-fucked job. That to me is money NOT well spent.

Assuming we are sending 8 medical beds to the sick folks in Ch1na. By doing so, we deprived 8 sick folks in Singapore of these 8 medical beds. Are our sick folks less worthy of these 8 beds?

There are similar projects like ours up there in Ch1na. I feel that we should let them do their job while we do ours.

Well, one may argue that the reason we are needed up in Ch1na is because the similar projects in Ch1na are not delivering.

What makes you so sure that we would do a better job?

You may accuse me of being selfish by just taking care of our own needy. Look at this from another angle, by focusing inwards, I am establishing a sure-footing in this project's foundation. Failure-which and I guarantee you a fucked-up job over there and a equally fucked-up job back home.

Both sides would be worse off as a result.

Sorry Adrian, but I oppose the motion to venture overseas.

After Thought: Perhaps if I should talk this over with Adrian privately first,  instead of putting up the "dirty laundry" in full display. Oh well, this is how I feel and I am not beating about the bush with it.

- Voxeros

1. kim left...
Thursday, 13 April 2006 12:09 am
i think, going overseas to help seem like a damn glam thing. It sounds more glam than just doing it in Singapore. But sometimes, things do not really go according to plan. I'm sure the people over in Ch1na really do need our help. But there are equally needy people back home too. Hell, I'm probably just repeating your points.
Hais. I wanna be social worker.

2. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 13 April 2006 12:42 am ::
kim: Unless you can commit manpower there on a full-time basis, there is no way you can prevent mismanagement of resources.
In that case, then confirm my earlier objection coz really no point lor.

3. Jaschocolate left...
Thursday, 13 April 2006 7:50 am
Discuss with uncle first lah...

4. aloe left...
Thursday, 13 April 2006 9:09 am
I agree... Settle own backyard problem first. I dun think it will or can be settled at all even, cos there's just too many needy people around with no help and no publicity on it. Those charity programmes you see, are just helping the "tip of the iceberg".
And urm... make sure dun end up like the peanuts org... =P those people who needs help can't get or get minimal help and most funds dun go to the people in need...

5. kelawar.kilat left...
Thursday, 13 April 2006 5:08 pm
re our conversation on same issue. agree. heartlands of singapore in dire need esp those in "at-risk" category.
i've done a few "motivational" workshops under Moneysense since I speak Malay.

6. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 13 April 2006 9:32 pm :: 
Jaschocolate: You may be right in the sense that perhaps I jumped the gun a bit instead of talking to him in private.
Then again, it is not like I am on the Board of Management that whatever I say would carry any weightage. I am just a small peanut (no pun intended) supported. I have no say in the charting of the direction nor the way things should be run.
I just feeling that by venturing overseas, we are losing focus on what we are doing well at this moment.

Anna: Trust me, once money stray too far from the giver, it will end up as golden taps, first class tickets and mega peanuts.

7. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 13 April 2006 9:33 pm ::
Kelawar: Unless somebody can tell me that there are no one left in Singapore that requires assistance, I won't give my blessing to venture overseas.

8. Jaschocolate left...
Friday, 14 April 2006 11:04 pm
But uncle will listen to reasons one mah... otherwise..*ahems* don't donate to him lah *cough cough*

9. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 15 April 2006 11:54 am :: 
Jaschocolate: I just waiting for him to show up online. Haven't seen him lately.

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