12 June 2008

Girl Molested - What Do You Think

CowBoyCaleb brought the above entry to my attention and asked about my opinion on the matter.

Well, let me ask everybody else what they think about it too. The mic is now open to the floor.

  • Please tell me what you think like it is. You will not be judged nor will I allow anyone here to judge you for expressing your own view i.e. no flaming allowed as I will be moderating this.
  • Should you feel uncomfortable about expressing your views out in the open, drop me an email at voxeros[at]yahoo[dot]com. I would love to hear from you.
As for myself, I will share my opinion on this matter on a separate entry but I am choosing to put a password in front of it.

Not so much to keep people out but rather to want to know who is reading it. Access is pre-approved as long as I know who is reading it. Those friends already on my messenger lists, drop me a line to ask for the password. Those who are not but are still interested to find out, drop me an email at voxeros[at]yahoo[dot]com.

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Image Credit - Dara
- Voxeros

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