02 January 2006

Looking Back At 2005 - Part 1

Just like wish one and all a Happy New Year and wish all a good year ahead. It has been a roller-coaster ride for me with ups and downs through-out and I am just glad to have all that put behind me as I look forward to making 2006 a better one. Any more up down up down and I swear I will throw up all over the place. Nah beh.....

Brad Pitt dumps Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie.

Alamak, I tell you har, this Brad Pitt damn lucky bastard. Either one also damn hawt. Then again, a bit no skill lah.... how come cannot makan both?

This Aniston damn one kind. Early early don't say don't want to have kid. Then wait until married liao than dropped bombshell. If I am Brad Pitt, I also will be damn du lan one.

One side, zero kid. Then Angelina Jolie side si beh a lot of kids albeit adopt one. I tell you hor... at the rate Jolie is adopting, half of Cambod1a will have to call her Mommy liao (and I don't mean the Lup Sup Bar type. Hahahahahah.)

Imagine, one day when Angelina Jolie mutters, "Nin Nah Bu Eh". Wah... half of Cambod1a will kena.

This month, I fly until damn sian. First fly down to Sydney then rush back to Singapore on Chinese New Year's Eve. Reunion dinner ended up at about 10pm but at least we were able to have it. After that rest rest for one week before heading back to China for a change in luggage from summer clothes to winter clothes. Machiam like Malaysia's toll booth along North-South highway - Touch 'N' Go, as I flew up to Memphis for another business trip. Probably my only chance as close as to flying from pole to pole. Kan si lang siong!

My golf took a beating as I ended up in the cellar in the 2 consecutive tournaments that month. Damn bladdy low morale. A far cry from October 2004 when I carded a sub-80 score (79). October 2004 also saw me breaking the 300-yd barrier as far as my drive is concerned. 324 yards was my official longest drive, albeit slight favourable winds.

Then 5 months later and my golf dived to a new low. Also dunno what happened. I don't think it was the lousy scores that got me upset. I think it's more like the speed and intensity of my crashing down that really got to me lor. I actually thought, for the second time in my life, if I should just call it a day with golf. Well, for some reason unknown even to myself, I stuck on.

The Singapore Gahmen decided to go ahead with the Casino. While I don't have anything against anyone making a u-turn on their previous decision, I have a beef with folks who cook up some lame detour, even though the destination is the same, and calling it different.

Please lah. A Casino is a casino is a casino. Integrated Resort, my ASS.

It also riled me that the decision was long forgone already. Yet, some dickheads insists on going through the inconsequential round-about of surveying the people's consensus. Are you sure, the people got say "Yes"? Anybody seen the survey to begin with?

Aiyah, don't geh geh say you did a survey and then say the results polled a favourable response, giving you the green light to go ahead with the project lah. Got survey meh? Mana?

Lai lah! Want to do survey, do properly mah. Throw a free public holiday and hold a referendum. Let the people vote, can? Dare or not? If results really come out "Yes", then people bor weh gong, then will give their full blessings to go ahead. Come, I give you headstart. I will vote "Yes". Ai mai?

I mean, if you want to push ahead to do something, whether people like it or not, show some balls by declaring openly that you are going ahead with it regardless, and that you will take full responsibility for it. I am sure in the minds of those who objected, there is a silent wish that they would be proven wrong. After all, we only want what is best for Singapore.

If at the end of the day, the outcome indeed did very well for Singapore, confirm people will give you due credit one. Confirm people will vote for you in the next General Elections one. Some more no need to hide behind the big guns in some ludicrously drawn GRC. If you do well for Singapore, people will vote for you wholeheartedly one. Even the opposition will leave you alone and give you walk over one. Don't scared!

On the other hand hor, if the decision turns out to be a disaster, make sure you have the balls to own up to it. Don't point finger all over the place. Wrong means wrong, ok? Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. Gahmen also make mistakes. More importantly is admit and recognised the mistakes and bladdy hell DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT (and I don't mean sue people for defamation hor.).

18th May 2005. Gabriel entered the world. Mother and child were fine.

Hor seh liao. One boy and one girl.

Lim peh close factory liao. Can convert manufacturing facilty to amusement park liao. Woo-hoo.

The term Bandung Vader was coined by me in June as the Pink One won my Dumbass of the Week award.

Click here for the blog entry as I don't want to write about it anymore. Just the mere reading about it, make me damn du lan.

Anyway, it also caught the attention of the folks at and I was asked to reconsider my decision against Tomorrowing it. 

Mai lah.... I just ranting within my own confines lah... no need to make it into a national issue ok? Think of it as me screaming my heart out into my own pillow.

So having said that, I say, "Sorry hor. Tomorrow, I'm not free lah!!"
- Voxeros

1. nadnut left...
Monday, 2 January 2006 9:13 pm
muahahaha. i look forward to the integrated resorts. more job opportunities. hooray!

2. Jaschocolate left...
Monday, 2 January 2006 10:36 pm
Life has been good to u.. :p

3. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 3 January 2006 9:28 am :: 
Nadnut: I wonder if the casino in Singapore will be up to Las Vegas standard? If not, then no worth the time liao.

Jaschocolate: Up and down lah. Got good time and also lousy time. It wasn't peachy all the way. In all, I am just glad that it's over.

4. akk left...
Tuesday, 3 January 2006 1:59 pm
quite a long year ay? :) a wish for a great year for you this time! all Ups, no Downs, muahahha...

5. An left...
Tuesday, 3 January 2006 2:17 pm
On one hand, more job opportunities, more revenue to the economy means more growth. On the other hand, it creates social, family problems. No matter what precautions that the gover ent might take, they will still exist loh.
AJ no adopt liao. Tot AJ wanna be preggy with BP kids??

6. Yvy left...
Tuesday, 3 January 2006 2:54 pm
hahaha!! wah, u damn good with words hor? ;) nice nice...i like!! will be back for more doses. :D

7. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 3 January 2006 3:57 pm :: 
akk: Kum siah.... I wish Agent-A always up, no down also. Wahahahaha.....

An: Casino this type of thing hor, takes 2 hands to clap. Cannot totally blame gahmen for the social ills. Nobody point gun at their heads to go gambling one right?
For the rest of us, 1,2,3, HUAT AH!!!!
As for AJ, she has to stop liao lah... arh bor, Cambod1a national anthemn will have to change to the Tomb Raider theme song liao.

Yvy: Welcome to my humble abode. Make yourself at home like everyone else here. Mai keh kee hor! (",)

8. hitomi left...
Tuesday, 3 January 2006 5:51 pm
Latest gossip: AJ pregnant liao lor. Anyway, she only adopted one from Cambodia. The other one's from Kenya, I think.

9. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 3 January 2006 5:57 pm :: 
hitomi: Only one from Cambod1a?? I have always been under the impression that she adopted a lot of kids. Hmm.....

10. Zhe Bin left...
Thursday, 5 January 2006 8:26 am
Yeah, 2 only, if I'm not wrong.
Jia you for your new year! = D

11. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 5 January 2006 9:17 am :: 
ZheBin: Thanks. You too must jia you also!

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