03 May 2013

Champion Staff

Not sure if anyone of you is sharp-eyed enough to figure out what's wrong with this picture above.

Here. Let me zoom in for you below.

Yes. That is one of my sales staff playing camping in the office.

I was initially concerned about the unfortunate placing of his workstation and offered to help tie up the curtains. As it turned out, my offer was turned down as he was perfectly happy pitching his tent.


The glare from the window was making him having a hard time reading his computer screen and so a darkened environment was more comfortable for his eyes.

*roll eyes* (No pun intended).

So anyway, this is a good staff that is producing results and I decided to turn a blind eye (Again. No pun intended).

As long as he doesn't start a campfire in the middle of the office can liao.

- Voxeros

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