15 May 2013

What I Learn About Da Hu So Far - Part 3

There are many property web portals and I have learned that they are all bullshit. I would even go to the extent of calling all of them crooks.

Nothing you see is real. Even if it were genuine, I have already lost faith in these web portals who purportedly claimed that they cut out the middle man and that any misrepresentation would have been easily exposed and reported since it is the web where everybody is free to leave a comment.

Again. Bullshit.

The above was a "picture" of an apartment within walking distance to the train station and at a rate well below my budget. Naturally, I was delighted initially but my skepticism soon crept in as I started taking a big pinch of salt. Still, there was this small part of me secretly hoping that I had struck the lottery.

Below is the front page where they advertised a studio apartment at RMB 2000 (SGD 400) a month. It is very cheap by Singapore standards but please be reminded that we are in QQLand. Shanghai. Sibeh ulu part of Shanghai.

I went down to a property agency and I asked about the market rate of a studio apartment of the above property and I was told that the rental on average was RMB 4600 (SGD 920), which I felt was a more realistic figure. Naturally, I was rather upset at the discrepancy between the advertised rates and reality.

I then asked about a few other properties in the vicinity and the discrepancies is about RMB 1000 (SGD 200). While SGD 200 may not sound like a lot but it is a alarming 30-over % discrepancy.

Obviously, these so-called "apartments" are baits to entice you to call them and they lure you in for the slaughter.


I found another 2 pages of 2 different properties.

See anything wrong with them?

Click on both properties and look at all the photos.

They are friggin' identical!!

How can two different properties have identical layout, furniture, everything??

All I can say is that this supposed agent for supposed Century21 (I keep saying supposed coz I can't even be sure if he is an agent of the said agency) is a swindler.


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- Voxeros

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