28 May 2013

Singapore Pride - Anthony Chen

First of all, congratulations to Anthony Chen for winning the Camera d'Or at this year's Festival de Cannes.

I watched the trailer (scroll down) and I like what I've seen. I can't wait for it to hit the big screen.

However, this post, despite the title is not really about Anthony Chen and his awesome award.

There were some people pouring scorn over the win due to the ties the movie had with the Gahmen i.e. the movie received grants from the Gahmen to fund the production of the movie.

Well, I am not going to talk about that either.

My issue here is a question.

What has become of Singapore that anything and everything, touched by the Gahmen, would be met with a torrent of jeers and scorn?

Are we filled with so much hatred for the Gahmen that we become blind to what they do, regardless of good or bad?

Granted that the Gahmen has done quite a lot of sucky things of late (the disastrous PUB Save Water video for example), surely we mustn't be blind and condemn them all with a single swat?

There are good things that we should applaud regardless how relatively incompetent the Gahmen has become compared to the yesteryear. Credit where it is due.

As much as it is wrong for the people to 不分青红皂白, the Gahmen must reflect deeply and buck up.

2016 is getting closer as we speak.

Media Credits: Facebook - Ilo Ilo 


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