27 May 2013

Do Bears Shit In The Woods? - The Sequel

 I don't get it.

What is this obsession with shitting in public places? Are there no toilets in the world?

Just last year, I blogged about QQLand tourist shitting on the street of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong in broad daylight.

Since there has been other cases and all thanks to camera phones, the internet and social media, we accorded the unfortunately treat of witnessing it over and over again, shared by millions of people around the world.


There were cases of kid pooping in the main hall of an airport and another kid in the single aisle of the airplane cabin.

OK. Fine. These are kids and we just blame it on poor parenting.

But adults??!! That is really no excuse!

This latest was taken off the security camera of the elevator in Shenzhen subway station.

Enjoy. Hope it ruins your lunch.

p.s. This is definitely not exclusive to QQLanders as I have personally witnessed a crackhead pooping in the corner of the overhead bridge at Tom Bradley International Airport in Los Angeles, several years ago. Still, it is quite disturbing to see recent cases on the internet, almost all exclusively QQLanders.

Why like that?? Aiyoh..... sia suay man....

p.p.s. If we keep getting this cases up on the web, I may just need to start a QQShit series.

- Voxeros

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