24 May 2013

Strange Surfing Habit Of The QQLander

I notice a strange habit among the folks in QQLand.

From time to time, we were given a web address to check out, be it a company website printed on their name card or a certain website which some one wanted you to read.

Normally, what I would do is just type in the address in the web address column and voila, the webpage loads right away.

For some unexplainable reason, the folks here that I come across has this ritual of starting up a search engine (in most cases in and then search for the web address by keying in the web address.

Naturally, first on the search result would be that of the desired website with a click-able link  and THEN they would click it to get to the webpage corresponding to the web address.

If you ask me, that is totally redundant.

I tried telling to them to just simply key in the address in the address column but NO. It has to be via the search engine.

Go figure.


- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

They go thru baidu is because they dont want people to know what they have surfed. By going thru directly in web address, it will show straight away.

JayWalk said...

Anonymous: That is not accurate as the local folks have yet to learn how to surf incognito.