06 May 2013

Tiny Lobsters In Da Hu

That's Shanghai's famous 小龙虾 (Little Lobster or Tiny Lobster), which depending on region, is also known as Crawfish, Crayfish or Yabby.

It is a little bit confusing for folks from Singapore as crayfish in Singapore refers to Slipper Lobster which is a different crustacean altogether.

The Tiny Lobster is in season right now (May to September) and we made our way to the restaurant to eat.

The lobsters are usually cooked in a savoury broth with Sichuan peppercorn generously added to give it that extra kick.

These yummy lobsters are ordered by the kilo and we ordered 4 kilos for the 5 of us. It may sound like a lot but in actual fact, a significant portion of the total weight actually goes to the head and shell.

We were each given a tray to collect our shells and the one in the foreground is mine. *burp*

Ice cold beer is perhaps the best complement to this dish and as you can probably figured out, it was an awesome meal. *hic*

- Voxeros


Gary said...

Cholesterol is too damn high for you..

JayWalk said...

Well, it is not like I am eating this frequently but thanks for looking out.