08 May 2013

Lucky Bar In Da Hu

As I am settling down in Da Hu, I found a little bar that I shall make it my Chill HQ.

Initially, as per my SOP, I would seek out an Irish Pub but the nearest one that I can find was quite a distance away.

A friend brought me to this one and I made new friends instantly.

I like the cosiness of the place and the prices are not expensive compared to the clubbing sites along the bund where a night of partying can easily set you back by 4-figures. SGD.

They open daily from 1pm which is perfect for a lazy afternoon with a book.

It's a tiny bar with just a bar counter and just 4 tables.

Weekends are about 80% full with everybody knowing everybody else.

I was there last Sunday and it was a slow afternoon of just 3 other customers and a pooch.

The dog probably make a lousy guard dog as she is very friendly to everyone including me who at the time was a complete stranger.

So there I was, taking it easy with a Guinness and a book while the dog laid quietly under my chair snoozing the afternoon away.


- Voxeros

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