31 May 2013

Tiny Lobsters In Da Hu - Part 2

I was told that 寿宁路 was the Mecca of these Tiny Lobsters. This was touted as the street that started it all.

When I got there, the entire street was lined with tiny lobster restaurants with touts spilling over onto the streets trying to persuade you to eat at their restaurant.

The interesting thing was that almost every other restaurant is named 香吧岛 No. xx. It is akin to our Katong Laksa where each store who named their stalls Katong Laksa No. xx.

While Katong Laksa is quite straight forward. Katong is where Katong Laksa all started and most of them still ply their trade there at Katong.

香吧岛? I tried searching it on the map but I can't find anything remotely close to it. Looks like this so-called island does not exist which mean neither that street/area nor the lobsters originate from this mysteriously named 香吧岛.

The tiny lobsters come in more or less two of preparation. The standard 香辣 is about RMB 40 (SGD 8.00) per 500g while the more elaborate 十三香 (13 herbs and spices, 2 more than Colonel Sanders) was RMB 120 (SGD 24.00 per kg i.e. minimum order is 1kg).

Frankly speaking, they weren't very good.

That place is a friggin' tourist trap.

So after one unsatisfying kilo, we stood up and left for another place

We went to this other restaurant near my place away from the city.

It was MUCH MUCH MUCH better!!!

First of all, the presentation, if you compare the two pictures, was way better.

The restaurant here leave the broth inside the bowl while the previous one was all drained away.

The spice has a real kick and what better than to wash it down with ice cold beer.



Same. This other location also sells at RMB 40 per 500g for both the 香辣 and 十三香.

I will definitely come back again. And again.

p.s. The one at near my office was only RMB 32 per 500g but it must be said that it was located quite ulu compared to city area of 寿宁路, hence it is acceptable that prices are more expensive due to location.)

- Voxeros

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