16 May 2013

What I Learn About Da Hu So Far - Part 4

As expensive as Da Hu may sound to be, the food can be very inexpensive. It's a situation very similar to the Capital where a person may have a full, well fed stomach but still have to sleep on the streets.

In a way, that is your indication of the wealth-poverty gap between the haves and the have-nots.

While you can have dinner that goes easily go up to 4-figures, you can just as easily find food for mere pittance.

It very much depends on where you are in Shanghai. There are the expensive affluent districts and there are the more humble ones.

Due to the fact that I need warehouses i.e. large areas of land, my office-cum-warehouses are more often than not, located in some obscure ulu location. The up side is that the food is cheap there.

That was my breakfast above. A bun and a Chinese prata for a princely sum of RMB 2.00 (SGD 0.40).

The two tofu buns that I had the other day (picture left)? RMB 1.00 (SGD 0.20).

The problem with ulu places is the hygiene level. The place is damn dirty with folks simply sweeping their garbage out of the streets with their children playing in the dirt right next to it.

You know how when we were taught in primary school, during Health Education, to avoid street hawkers so that we don't kena cholera, typhoid and other types of food poisoning risk?

We were taught the perils, other than unhygienic practices, of dust, airborne diseases and exhaust fumes contaminating the food?

To be honest, it is not that we ignore these warnings but rather given the environment that we are in, we have no choice.

The place is like that. What can you do about it?

This place is definitely not for the likes of XiaoMing, Siti and Muthu.

So far, I have not encountered any runny tummy trouble since moving to Da Hu.

Perhaps, it's my stomach of steel.


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- Voxeros


naeboo said...

stomach not steel also become accustomed to it liao by now.

JayWalk said...

Naeboo: well either that or my tummy is a garbage can liao.