23 May 2013

Street Breakfast In Da Hu

That's my breakfast.

A Chinese prata with a hotdog (meat origin: unknown) for a modest sum of RMB 2.00 (SGD 0.40).

I think it's a chicken sausage coz I spitted out a chicken bone fragment. Then again, it could be a bone fragment of a rat's femur.

Who knows?

Siti, Muthu and XiaoMing would certainly baulk at it but honestly? It was rather yummy.

So far, I haven't had any food poisoning as a result.

We used to have an old Hokkien saying, "Lup sup jiak. Lup sup dua." (Translate: Dirty eat. Dirty grow up.)

Over here, their version of the same saying (or something similar to that effect) was "不干不净, 吃了没病". (Translate: Not clean. Not hygenic. Eat already not sick."


p.s. I realised I've been shrugging a lot when it comes to QQLand stuff. *shrugs*

- Voxeros

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