17 May 2013

What I Learn About Da Hu So Far - Part 5

In this final segment of the "What I Learn In Da Hu So Far" series, I am going to talk about the people in Shanghai.

I love them.

They are so much more civil than their counterparts in the South.

Let me tell you what happened a couple of weeks ago.

I followed my delivery crew to one of my client's warehouse for delivery as I wanted to see the actual operation first hand.

We were at the loading dock where it was elevated so as to be at the same height as the container for efficient loading/unloading.

When we got there, the warehouse crew was scrubbing and hosing the floor. Apparently, someone has broken something fluid during unloading before us.

The cleaning up was done just as we arrived as the cleaning crew was dumping the big bucket of water off the loading bay into the drainage grill below.

It almost got us as he didn't realise we were down below.

My driver jumped and blurted "哈哈. 没弄到我! 好险!" (Translate: Haha. You missed! Phew!)

The cleaning crew was most apologetic but at the end of it all it was no harm, no foul.

Had this happened in South QQLand, you'd be sure that your father, your mother and your mother's genitals would have been cursed to death.

Still, compared to the Capital, it still fell short, albeit a little.

I was at the subway train station where everyone was required to place their bags through the x-ray prior to entering the platforms for security checks.

What I noticed are the people just ignoring it and walking pass despite prompting from the security staff. It's the power of the masses in action, as the helpless security staff couldn't do anything about it. You can stop one but while doing that, you let the other 9 walk right pass you. The one that you stopped would start arguing why he/she is being victimised while the other 9 gets to just walk by? Earning minimum wage, I assumed, it was just too much work for the security staff to enforce the check.

I told one of the security staff, as I put my bag through the x-ray, that I feel sorry for his helplessness.

"人的素质问题吧." He quipped.

I nodded in agreement.

I have not encountered such situation when I was in the Capital.

The folks in the Capital, especially the elder folks, are affectionately known as 老北京.

There was once I stopped to ask for directions and this one old chap was so helpful that he was ready to climb into my car and guide me all the way there.

Bless his awesome big heart.

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- Voxeros

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