13 May 2013

What I Learn About Da Hu So Far - Part 1

If there is one word to describe Da Hu. What would it be?

Vibrant? Modern? Sophistication? Exciting?

I supposed everyone has a different answer to that question.


The word is Money.



The city is all about money and the thirsty quest for more.

Money opens any and every door ahead of you. You just need to have enough of it.

I have quite a number of friends in Da Hu and upon hearing my arrival, their phone calls came fast and furious seeking to meet up.

So one of the nights, I met up with some friends at this upscale place called Bund18 where it is an old UNESCO award winning heritage preservation building. The inside has been converted to high-end luxury goods store with Club Cuvve (see above and right), where I was headed, occupying the fourth floor.

The damage for one night of clubbing? About RMB 7000 (about SGD 1400).

Good grief.

It is easy to make friends when you have money as some of these folks are like sharks, who smelled blood from a mile away, making a bee-line in your direction. Where all credit is due, they are straight forward about it and made no effort to disguise.

Everything, it seems, has a price tag.

Ultimately, it is a transaction where you decide whether to go ahead with it. Or not.

I supposed it is fine if you have buckets and buckets of money stash in the crevices of your sofa but there are those who got caught up with the glitz of it all that they failed to understand that you need very very deep pockets to keep up.

These are the folks who get wiped out first. It is not that they don't know how to play the game but rather, the fact that they don't have enough chips to remain at the table to see the game to the end.

It is not before long that these people get themselves enslaved by credit cards and other form of debts that they eventually fall off the radar.

And guess what?

Nobody will notice their disappearance into oblivion.

It is just a matter of time, short time if I may add, before the next fool shows up and take the seat that was vacated earlier.

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