04 May 2013

MYP Award Ceremony 2013 - Part 2

The Run For Funds (RFF) MYP Award Ceremony was held back in end-March but due to busy schedule of Adrian, the report didn't come out until now.

This year is a significant milestone here at Run For Funds (RFF).

I am personally very proud of what Adrian has done thus far and will continue to do.

So without further ado, here's Adrian's report.


Hi folks, (pics can be found @

On 30th March 2013, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Maximize Your Potential (MYP) award at Geylang Methodist School Primary (GMSP).

If we include the 20 recipients this year (of which 9 are first time recipients), the MYP program has touched 74 young lives and their families since 2004.

The event was attended by the teachers, award recipients, their parents and supporters of the Run For Funds (RFF) movement (which sponsors MYP).

The ceremony was a simple and dignified one.

It started with students sharing how the MYP helped them in their studies by giving them confidence in their ability to excel. GMSP Vice-Principal Molly Soong also imparted wise words and shared a song to highlight the importance of having faith and diligence. She encouraged the students to show confidence to speak up and exercise their leadership qualities.

Adrian shared how the Run For Funds (RFF) movement was founded in 2002 and the inception of MYP in 2004. He also explained that MYP qualification criteria are stringent and both students and their parents should be very proud because qualification means the students have done well academically and have demonstrated exemplary behaviour in school.

He shared the successes of past MYP recipients:

  • 2004 batch: Alfie Lim who scored 7A and 1B in 2011 A-levels and will read law in NUS.
  • 2004 batch: Tan Zhiwei who scored 3A and 3B in the 2012 A-levels and has been accepted to SMU Business School, NTU Business and NUS Engineering. Zhiwei is currently assessing his options.

Adrian stressed the importance of wisdom vs the greed for money and shared the story of King Solomon’s wisdom in dealing with 2 women disputing over ownership a child.

Adrian also reminded the students of the importance of prudence, grace and giving back with a story.

3 years ago, $2,000 was raised for Tan Zhiwei to buy a new computer for school.

When Adrian and his buddy Jason Chen met him to share the news, he opted to buy a $899 notebook instead, choosing to save the money, which was held in Adrian’s custody, to pay exam fees or family exigencies.

The amount of money was not used and was recycled to fund this year MYP award.

This is possible because Zhiwei wasn’t greedy and was contented with what he had.

Zhiwei still uses that $899 computer today.

Both Alfie and Zhiwei are perfect examples of students who, despite having less than favourable family circumstances, have worked hard and excelled both in conduct and grades.

They are role models for the current batch of MYP recipients and Adrian urged the award recipients to follow their footsteps.

This year, Run For Funds (RFF) goes international.

Superfriend Aw Kah Peng will be running the Stockholm marathon to raise funds for Run For Funds (RFF).

We thank for her for keeping the RFF flying high wish her a safe and superb run.

Unlike previous years where sponsors presented MYP awards, the awards were presented by Mrs Jessie Soh and Ms Theresa Thong, the teachers-in-charge of MYP.

Without the dedication and labour of love of these 2 ladies over the past 10 years, MYP will not be such a resounding success. They were presented with small tokens of appreciation from the sponsors of MYP.

Well folks, thanks for your support, generosity and prayers for the past 10 years.

I looking forward to your continued support for 10 more.

Let’s continue to make a difference (no matter how insignificant they may seem) in the lives that we touch.



- Voxeros


Jaschocolate said...

You guys are doing the awesome jobs! Keep up the good work!

JayWalk said...

Jaschocolate: Adrian deserves 99.99% of the credit and so I thank you on his behalf.

Thanks Thanks.

Vandalin said...

Well done guys! Really proud of what you guys are doing!

JayWalk said...

Thanks. We do what we can as long as we can.