21 May 2013

Champion Subway Auntie

It's the end of the day as we all made our way to the subway station to get home.

My station is the starting station of Line 1 which means that we get to board an empty train.

Empty train means available seats and so the moment the door opens, I am very amused to see people fighting their way in as if someone accidentally dropped a grenade on the floor behind them.

In all fairness, the subway network spans very a large geographical area, compared to Singapore, and so it may be a relatively long ride.

So there I was getting into the train where all the seats were taken, then I saw this lady who brought her own seat.


But due to the height, or rather the lack of height, of the stool, I felt that her sitting down was at a very awkward height.

I made it a point to stand behind her (how else to sneak a photo?).

Sekali I stand in front then the train jam brake and Genghis Khan langah her face how?

Better to have a pole in between us.


- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

At least she brought a seat, way better than some of our own people back here who sit cross-legged at the opposite end of the door. Then they forget people are entering from that door at the next station...


JayWalk said...

Arrenn: Well, I applaud her for her ingenuity. Heh.